SST 2.0: Latest Updates and Progress
Course Information
  • 06-Sep-2019
  • WEIL Hotel, Ipoh
  • Stanley Wong
  • Mandarin
  • RM 530 RM 480
    Until 25 Aug 2019
此课程为参与者提供销售税必要的内容,以了解 SST 2.0操作的更新。 RMCD在2019年财政预算案 后宣布了SST的额外征税范围。因为它涵盖的范围 非常广大,这些新事项不仅SST注册者必须知道, 而且非SST注册者也必须知道。这才能避免额外的 规范与罚款。 课程涵盖的典型主题包括Lampiran C1-C4的销售税减免和销售税减免系统。 进口应税 服务和SST-02A的概念,SST会计与销售税和服务 税的案例研究,SST-02表格的新要求是本次研讨会 的主要议题。

This course provides participants with the necessary content of sales tax to understand the update of SST 2.0 operations. RMCD announced the scope of additional taxation for SST after the 2019 Budget. Because it covers a very wide range, these new issues must be known not only by SST registrants, but also by non-SST registrants. This will avoid additional specifications and fines. Typical topics covered in the course include the Lampiran C1-C4 sales tax credit and sales tax credit system. The concept of import taxable services and SST-02A, the case study of SST accounting and sales tax and service tax, the new requirements of the SST-02 form are the main topics of this seminar.