Effective HR Policies, Employee Handbook & HR Induction
Course Information
  • 24-Sep-2019
  • DoubleTree Hilton, Johor Bahru
  • Wendy Tee
  • Mandarin
  • RM 580 RM 480
    Until 30 Aug 2019
The Employee Handbook informs employee about company policies, procedures and practices and communications expected standards of performance and conduct. It can serve as a great communication tool that help to create consistent and fair policies and practices for an organization. A well designed handbook can positively influence employees’ morale and promote employees loyalty. It serves as an important guide in your daily business activities and also act as a tool to avoid liability in employee lawsuits. This course is designed for managers or business owners or who are responsible for developing and maintaining an employee handbook for their organization.

员工手册告知员工公司政策,程序和实践以及沟通预期的绩效和 行为标准。它可以作为一种很好的沟通工具,帮助为组织创建一致和公平的政策和实践。精心设计的手册可以积极影响员工的士气,提升员工的忠诚度。它是您日常业务活动的重要指南,也是 避免员工诉讼责任的工具。本课程专为经理或企业主设计,或负责为其组织开发和维护员工手册。