[Online 2-Day] 数码市场营销(基础班): 从线下到线上 Fundamental of Digital Marketing
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  • 25-Feb-2021
  • Online
  • Jerry Wong
  • Mandarin
  • RM 980 RM 880
    Until 07 Feb 2021
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm
“Why is Social Media Marketing important for SMEs?” No matter how good your product or service is, if you own a small business, you’ll need to get your name out there if you want to succeed. This is why it's so important for you to optimise your marketing efforts. You need to make sure that people see what you are about and are able to determine what you can do for them. One of the things you need to learn about is the importance of social media marketing for your business. It is an asset to any small business, if it is used correctly.

• Promoting your image
• Developing relationships with customers
• Making use of cost-effective marketing
• Proving the expertise of your business

在21世纪的互联网+时代,无论你是企业,还是个人,如果你想在互 联网的浪潮中拥有立足之地, 那么网络营销就是你的必经之路。据统 计,现在百分之八十以上的信息来源于网络,中国现在的 网民人数达 到7.31亿,相当于欧洲人口的总和。如此庞大的人群数量,如何抢占 先机,在人口红利 中利用网络营销为我们带来利益是我们所追求的。 回过头来,什么是网络营销呢? “网络营销是企业整体营销战略的一个 组成部分,是为实现企业总 体经营目标所进行的,以互联网为基本手 段营造网上经营环境的各种活动 。
● 网络营销能够引导消费者对企业产品进行初步认知,让用户在自然 地搜索和查找中对企业 产品产生信任感,帮助企业取得未来的竞争优 势并迅速占领消费市场。
● 网络营销能够帮助企业精准获取用户需求和快速发现目标用户群体 。通过网络营销手段, 企业能够在实际推广中获取用户行为信息,如: 用户在关注什么,哪类产品架构能够提升 用户体验;通过对企业产品的 深入分析,以及市场调研,企业能够快速确认目标用户群体 ,并且借 助营销手段发展更多潜在用户。
● 使消费的决策更加自由和便利。网民在浏览时不受时间地点的限制 ,轻松找到自己喜欢的 产品,可以比价、可以耐心选择,帮助企业节 约时间成本。
● 有利于企业取得成本优势。在网上发布信息,代价有限,将产品直 接向消费者推销,可缩 短分销环节,发布的信息谁都可以自由地索取 。可拓宽销售范围,这样可以节省业务员在 外面盲目地跑的费用。从 而降低成本,使产品具有价格竞争力。前来访问的也大多是对此 类产 品感兴趣的顾客,受众准确,避免了许多无用的信息传递,也可节省 费用。
● 有利于企业和顾客的良好沟通。可以制作调查表收集顾客的意见, 让顾客参与产品的设 计、开发、生产,使生产真正做到以顾客为中心 ,从各方面满足顾客思维需求。
● 跨时空。只要顾客愿意,企业可以二十四小时不间断的向顾客提供 各种信息,网络营销减 少了时间因素的影响。网络的出现使当今社会 的信息传播达到了空前的速度与密度,以互 联网为依托的营销活动, 可抛开时间、空间和地域、国别的限制,减少市场壁垒和市场扩展的 障碍,使网络营销一出现就具备了全球化、国际化的特点。
● 即时效果监测。利用先进的信息技术,广告客户可以通过网络即时获 得数据、报告。这对及时调整广告策略意义非常重大。而这在传统媒 体是不可能实现的。

• All who want to learn how to carry their business professionally at Social Media with basic entry
• Leaders / SMEs
• Marketing Executives without any basic knowledge or background
• Senior Executives who are looking for fundamental entry in Social Media Marketing

Delivery will be done using some of the methods used to create impactful learning include:
• Games
• Exercises
• Projects
• Individual Reflections
• Group Discussions

● 测验与测试
● 群组讨论
● 个人呈现
● 问答环节

[D] 日期/方式

日期: 25-26 February 2021 (Thu-Fri)
时间: 9.00am - 5.00pm
方式: 綫上 / Online

[E] 费用
- Early Bird Offer (before 7 Feb 2021) - RM 880
- Special Offer (before 21 Feb 2021) - RM930
- Fee - RM980

* Fee includes course Notes, Certificate of Completion & 6% Service Tax

(i) 15% overriding discount for SST2u Learner's Card members

DAY 1 第一天
MODULE 1 - Marketing Knowledge
• Understand two major markets : Red and Blue Ocean
• Business Model Canvas
• Set up your Digital Marketing Goal
• Basic knowledge on Branding

单元 1 - 基本市场营销理论
● 红海与蓝海策略
● 商业模式图
● 建立你的网络营销目标与策略

MODULE 2 - Facebook Page Management
• Understand the basic functions of Facebook Page
• Apply insightful key button to increase Facebook Page visibility
• Apply simple Facebook Ads key functions for sponsored post

单元 2 - 脸书页面管理
● 了解脸书页面基本管理
● 实践使用脸书页面的功能
● 实践使用脸书广告
Recap, Q&As 问答环节

DAY 2 第二天
MODULE 3 - Instagram Professional Account
• Understand the need of using Instagram
• Understand the basic functions of Instagram Apps
• Switch from personal account to professional account
• Learn the meaning of using Hashtags
• Learn how to post Instagram post for branding exposure

单元 3 - Instagram 专业户口管理
● 了解为何使用Instagram
● 了解Instagram 的基本功能
● 专业户口与个人户口的分别与转换
● 了解 Hashtags
● 提升品牌在Instagram 的曝光率

MODULE 4 - WhatsApp Business Application
• Learn how to backup your important media and conversations
• Apply simple WhatsApp Business functions for better efficiency in dealing with your customers
• Learn how to reply your customers efficiently

单元 4 - WhatsApp Business 管理与使用
● 管理与储备 Whatsapp 内容
● 实践使用 Whatsapp Business 的功能
● 实践更有效的回复顾客的咨询

MODULE 5 - Fundamental Content Marketing
• What is Content Marketing
• Types of Content Marketing
• Understand the importance of applying content marketing
• Apply simple steps for greater content marketing

单元 5 - 基本内容营销
● 什么是内容营销
● 内容营销的分类
● 了解与实践内容营销
● 设计出有个性与特出的内容与品牌价值 Recap, Q&As 问答环节

[G] 讲师简介

Jerry Wong is a professional trainer who motivates and improves SMEs' ability in handling basic Social Media Functions such as Whatsapp Business, Facebook Page and Instagram Business Account. Jerry also trains and help SMEs with their Facebook Digital Marketing campaigns.
Jerry Wong holds a Bachelor Degree in Statistics. As one of the top emcees in Malaysia, he specialised in preparing, hosting and performing on stage emceeing for over 600 wedding and corporate events. Jerry was Selected by TallyPress as one of the Top 10 Wedding Emcees in KL & Selangor in 2019. He has been interviewed by various Radio Stations including Ai FM, City Plus FM & Durian FM and leading business magazines such as ShangHai.
Jerry holds various leadership positions in Toastmasters International and have won multiple awards in areas/ regional levels.

[H] 报名/联络
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