[Online] Managing Sales Tax Exemption Facilities & Scrap / Waste Disposal
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  • 02-Feb-2021
  • Online
  • Mohd Rozlan Mohamed Ali
  • Others
  • RM 500 RM 450
    Until 28 Jan 2021
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm
SPECIAL TOPIC: "Understanding the Verification Procedures of the Tax Exemption Facilities for Schedule B & Schedule C with Actual Case Scenario"


ANY PERSON who are traders, manufacturers (both registered and non-registered) or whoever dealing with taxable goods under Sales Tax 2018 regime may eligible for Sales Tax Saving Facilities if fulfil certain conditions upon application approval. As such, proper inventory management system should be used especially if handling hundreds or thousands types of raw materials/components to minimise any BREACH of the exemption approval conditions which may subject to Recovery of Sales Tax by JKDM. On top of that, PRIOR approval from JKDM is compulsory for ALL disposal activities of damaged taxable goods and taxable production scrap/waste to avoid any unnecessary future tax recovery by JKDM.

• Know-what is Sales Tax Exemptions/Saving facilities
• Know-how to manage tax exempted manufacturing inputs
• Know-how to prepare approved exempted reports correctly
• Know-how to utilize Sales Tax Deduction STD Facility
• Correctly report tax exemption in SST-02
• Properly handling of damaged goods & scrap/ waste disposal
• To encourage self and voluntary compliance

• Both Registered and Non-registered Manufacturers
• Business Owners and Company Directors
• CFOs, Financial Controllers and Finance Managers
• Accountants, Accounts Executives, Accounts Assistants
• Business Advisors, Auditors and Internal Audit Staff
• Freelance Accounting Professionals
• SST Managers / Executives
• Procurement / Purchasing and Logistics Managers
• Warehouse Managers / Storekeepers
• Other functional staff engaged in Sales Tax matters
• TRADERS – who wish to understand the sales tax exemption/ saving mechanism


Date: 2 February 2021 (Tue)
Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm
Mode: Online / Interactive

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- Early Bird Offer (before 16 Jan 2021) - RM 400
- Special Offer (before 28 Jan 2021) - RM 450
- Normal Fee - RM 500

Incl. Course Notes, Certificate of Completion & 6% Government Service Tax

(i) SST2u Learner Card Member - overriding 15%


1. Sales Tax 2018 Mechanism
- A revision with latest updates
- Responsibilities of Registered Person
- Exemption Facilities
o Types of Facilities

2. Sales Tax (Person Exempted from Payment of Tax) Order 2018
- Application for exemptions
o Schedule C – Registered Manufacturer
o Schedule B – Manufacturer of Exempt Goods
o Schedule A – Other Persons
- Approval Conditions
- Approval Cancellation & Deletion

3. Managing Sales Tax Exemption
- Validity of Exemption Certificates
- Managing exempted goods inventory control
- Breach of Approval Conditions
o Goods used for other than manufacturing of taxable goods
o Goods unaccounted for
- Recovery Sales Tax by JKDM
- Reporting

4. Special Topic – Exemption Verification Procedures
- Risk determination & selecting of potential files
- Cross-examined : SST-02 vs Exemption
- Recovery option : SST-ADM vs BOD

5. Sales Tax Deduction Facility (STD)
- Eligibility for tax deduction
- Application for Registration
o Approval Conditions
- Application for Deductions
o Manners of claiming

6. Other Exemptions/Tax Saving Facilities
- Approved Major Exporter Scheme (AMES)
- Drawback
- Refund
- Bad Debts
- Remission

7. Managing Scrap/Waste Disposal
- Possible causes for disposal i. Damaged goods
ii. Production Waste / Scraps - Types of Disposal
i. Sell – Recovery of Sales Tax by JKDM
ii. Destroy – Preparation of Sijil Pemusnahan

8. Accounting for Sales Tax
- Invoice, Credit Note / Debit Note - SST-02 Return & Payment
i. Supplement return
ii. SST-02A - Declaration



Director, Indirect Tax, MATA, Malaysian Association of Tax Accountants

Mohd Rozlan Mohamed Ali adalah Ahli Majlis Kerja Tertinggi Persatuan Akauntan Percukaian Malaysia (M.A.T.A.) serta Pengarah Unit Cukai Tidak Langsung M.A.T.A. Berkelulusan Sarjana Pentabiran Perniagaan (Kewangan)(MBA-Finance) dari Universiti Utara Malaysia. Mohd Rozlan aktif mengendalikan seminar, khidmat nasihat serta praktikal perlaksanaan GST dan SST di seluruh negara untuk pelbagai jenis industri, syarikat dan perniagaan. Pengalaman kerja selama lebih 25 tahun dan kemahiran perakaunan memberi banyak kelebihan untuk mengatasi semua jenis masalah perlaksanaan SST2.0 – Cukai Jualan 2018 dan Cukai Perkhidmatan 2018.


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