[Penang 2-Day] Bringing WE into Your Organization
Course Information
  • 25-Feb-2021
  • The Light Hotel, Prai
  • HC Wong
  • English
  • RM 1180 RM 1080
    Until 28 Jan 2021
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm
Everybody has the instincts for success and greatness. We all want to do well, to contribute and to be included into the successful team. No one needs to teach us on how to have these desires. It is all in our DNA. Many organisations often become mounted competitions within its environments filled with politics, power struggle, controls, arrogance and egos. Such developed into unwelcoming places with unseen road signs saying “You can’t do this”, “You don’t have to know that”, “Don’t go there”, “Don’t touch them”, “Don’t let them know this”, blaming, protecting the certain people and many more of such that you may heard of.
Allowing ourselves to get absorbed into such territorial owned situation can lead to cycles of characteristics which could erode relationships, team spirits, take energy away from being productive, healthy and good performing individuaLs, teams and organisations. When we are caught into a territoriality, protecting or defending we have or fear of losing, we are living in a lowest level of effectiveness which ensures we will never achieve our greatest aspirations. The oganization will be firefighting on the same old issues and problems everyday.

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:
• Have a healthy conversation that will build a sense of common purpose, assert effective leadership voice and focus on work or solutions to be carried out.
• Clarify organisational objectives and create strategic focus that encourages employees to step out of their comfort zones and take action in face of challenges.
• Leave behind the toxic, emotional baggage of the past and to tap into new resources, unused talents by encouraging creativity and responsibility.
• Exchange knowledge and wisdom between group or departments within the organisation.
• Create and live by team agreements, rules of engagements and a clear decision-making process.
• Focus on positives, celebrate success together, grow out from failure, instil hope and spirit into the organisational DNA, to repeatedly create and achieve critical milestones of success.

This program is designed for those who are at the management, executive, officer, supervisory and even administrative levels of every departments in any field or industry.


Date: 25 - 26 February 2021 (Mon - Tue)
Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm
Venue: The Light Hotel, Prai


Fee :
- Early Bird Offer (before 28 Jan 2021) - RM 1,080
- Special Offer (before 12 Feb 2021) - RM 1,130
- Normal Fee - RM 1,180

Fee includes Course Notes, Tea Breaks, Lunch, Certificate of Completion & 6% Government Service Tax

- 15% overriding discount for SST2u Learner Card members


1. How to define WE?
a. What is WE in your point of view?
b. What is WE in an organisation?
c. Why WE is important to the organisation?
d. Bringing WE into the organisation.

2. Accepting WE
a. Principle of human nature.
b. A Very Powerful Leader.
c. A True Leader.
d. Engagement & Partnering.
e. Collective Commitment.
f. Leadership choices.
g. Co-creating.
h. New kind of leadership.
i. Vital choices.
j. Exercise: If you are the leader.

3. Challenge of Territoriality
a. Definition.
b. The Despot.
c. The Champion.
d. The “I” mentality inside you today.
e. Creating WE inside you.
f. Capturing your biases.
g. Dissolving cultural barriers.
h. Universal fears and desires.
i. Territoriality: Measuring yourselves.
j. Sharing Best Practices.
k. Honouring principle of growth.
l. The Seven Key Behaviours.
m. Are you ready for the challenges?

4. Challenge of Self-Interest
a. WE and Mutual Beliefs.
b. What are the negative energies?
c. The “I” thinking list in you.
d. What has the organisation turned into?
e. Shifting from suppressing to expressing.
f. Time for courageous conversations (2Cs).
g. Setting up the vital journey.
h. What is in the vital journey?
i. Re-cap Co-creation.
j. End the Blame Game.
k. Brainstorming some questions.
l. Changing from I-Centric to WE-Centric habits.

5. Learn the WE
a. Believing & Accepting WE
b. What is culture?
c. Understanding the culture.
d. Transforming the company or culture.
e. Challenges to culture transformation.
f. Breaking the “silence code”.
g. Rejuvenation.
h. Exercise: Creating your Rules of Engagement

6. Recognising the possibilities
a. Even the best fear change.
b. Did change interrupt the old patterns?
c. Analysing the mindset.
d. How about levelling your comfort zones?
e. Challenging yourselves with Change.
f. Breaking through the obstacles.
g. Opening up your space.
h. Influencing through conversations.
i. Leadership trilogy.
j. Shaping the conversation.
k. Trapped in the past.
l. Find a new meaning from Letting Go.
m. Getting rid of the negative energies.
n. Create a new meaning.

7. How to know when you are creating the WE?
a. Protecting, Sharing, Discovering, Partnering.
b. The 2 different worlds.
c. Constructing your future.
d. Transforming the culture.
8. Becoming the WE
a. Acknowledging it.
b. Inside the working.
c. Breakthroughs.
d. How to create engagements?
e. Understanding engagement important to innovation.
f. Resistance.
g. Skepticism.
h. Experimenting.
i. Co-creating.
j. Sustaining WE.



HRDF Certified Trainer, Consultant

Mr H.C. Wong, PJK, MBA (Paris), CSCSS (CiiSCM), TCC (TAPA), the facilitator of this program, is a HRDF certified trainer. He has more than 27 years of experience in the field of logistics, trade administration, shipping, warehousing, purchasing and customer service in the manufacturing sector. He is also involved in various management capacity.

He has a MBA in Management (Paris Graduate School of Management). Asides his academic credential, he is also a Certified Supply Chain Security Specialist (Chartered International Institute of Security & Crisis Management), a TAPA Certified Coordinator and has also obtained an Executive Customs Agency Certification from the Royal Malaysian Customs Academy (AKMAL). Throughout his career, he has involved in several set-ups of manufacturing logistics and warehousing, trade compliance, logistics projects and had organised series of in-house training programs for logistics and shipping staffs and new hires; handled series of developments in ensuring successful transition in C-TPAT and AEO implementations and audits; developing safety and security standards for warehousing and shipping process and has also involved in logistics restructuring in several companies.
Besides, he has also involved in series of improvements and developments throughout his career, such as restructuring of warehousing and developing its storage system to improve material efficiency and movement with RF systems and scanning; written and developed number of operating procedures (SOP) to ensure its implementations are carried out in order; initiated MHE upgrading project to convert fleet ownership to rental which had saved about RM200,000 per annum in operational costs; has also initiated a logistics optimization project which had save the company of RM500,000 per annum in shipping and other logistics cost.


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