[Online 2-Day] 薪资高级班文凭 Certificate in Payroll (Advanced)
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  • 08-Jan-2021
  • Online
  • Wendy Tee
  • Mandarin
  • RM 850 RM 750
    Until 16 Dec 2020
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm
薪资是所有公司中最重要的功能之一,对于组织的持续运行至关重要。这是每个公司每月必须执行的一项任务,自然会在计算过程中发生许多错误。如果这个人精通最新的《雇佣法》,并且确切地知道薪水表,那么就很容易避免很多错误。大多数薪资专业人士都没有经过正规的培训,而是通过经验来学习。许多人也都具有财务背景,但是对指示工资计算和管理的各种雇佣法律缺乏了解。有些软件完全依赖薪资软件,但未能意识到薪资软件中存在一些限制,如果您不知道如何执行工资薪资计算,则您将不知道这些限制。遵守雇主的税收义务(如年度收入报告)将成为公司议程的重中之重,特别是在2020年第一季度。马来西亚税务局(IRBM)致力于促进纳税人的遵守。雇主审计很普遍,并且预计会随着时间而增加。雇主将如何确保其纳税申报责任得到遵守?该事件提供了对工资报告中各种税收影响及其提供给员工的好处的基本理解。该讲习班还包括许多最新更新,包括从2020年开始生效的新的最低工资1200令吉,以及《雇佣法》的修正案,涉及诸如支付工资,限制雇员预支薪金等问题。此外,还将讨论影响工资的最新所得税。通过参加该研讨会,您将获得2020年预算的所有最新信息。尤其是在2020年第一季度。雇主遵守的纳税义务,例如年度收入报告,将成为公司议程的重要之事。马来西亚国内税收委员会(IRBM)致力于促进纳税人之间的稅務遵守,雇主面對审计预计会随着时间而增加的是很常见的。雇主如何确保在税务报告责任方面遵守规定. 此項課程將會讓參与者了解基本工资报告中的各种税务影响以及为员工提供的各項福利.

Payroll is one of the most important function in all companies and crucial to the continuous running of your organization. It is a task every company must perform on a monthly basis and naturally many mistakes can happen during the process of calculations. Many of these mistakes can easily be avoided if the person well versed with both the latest in Employment Laws as well as know exactly how salaries are tabulated. Most professionals involved in Payroll do not have formal training in it but leaned it through experience. Many are also from Finance background but lack the understanding on the various employment laws dictating payroll calculations and administration. Some are totally reliant in payroll software but fail to realize that there are limitations in a payroll software which you would not have known if you did not know how to perform manual payroll calculations.

Compliance with employer’s tax obligations such as annual reporting of income would be at the forefront of a company’s agenda, especially in the first quarter of 2020.The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) is focusing on fostering compliance among taxpayers. Employer audits are common and expected to increase with time. How would an employer ensure compliance in terms of its tax reporting responsibilities? This event provides an essential understanding of the various tax implications on payroll reporting and the benefits provided to its employees.

This workshop also includes many of the latest updates including the new Minimum Wage RM 1,200 effective 2020 as well as Amendments to the Employment Act with regards to matter such as payment of wages, limitations on advances to employees among others. Also, the latest in income tax that affects payroll will also be discussed. By attending this workshop, you will be assured of all the latest information for budget 2020.

Lecture, Group discussions, calculations, individual presentation and Q & A

• 了解马来西亚法律规定的薪资管理和计算准则。
• 关于准备2020年纳税报告期的更新和提醒
• 更新和雇主和雇员关注的最新稅務发展
• 了解表格E和表格EA的报告要求,以及任何实际的报告问题
• 与薪酬和福利相关的税务问题
• 为IRBM的工资审计做好准备
• 了解雇主纳税申报准备时的常见错误和误解

Upon completion of this programme, participants will be able to:
• Understand the guideline of payroll administration and calculation under Malaysia laws.
• Updates & reminders on preparing for the 2020 tax reporting period
• Updates and recent developments of concern to employers and employees
• Understand reporting requirements on Form E and Form EA, as well as any practical reporting issues
• Tax issues relating to compensation and benefits
• Being prepared for a payroll audit by IRBM
• Common mistakes and misconceptions in preparing the employer’s tax declaration

CEOs / General Managers / Human Resource Managers & Executives / Payroll Personnel / Financial Controllers, Managers & Accountants

[E] 日期/方式

日期: 8 - 9 January 2021 (Fri - Sat)
时间: 9.00am - 5.00pm
方式: 綫上 / Online

[F] 费用:[HRDF Claimable]

- Early Bird Offer (before 16 Dec 2020) - RM 750
- Special Offer (before 20 Dec 2020) - RM 800
- Normal Fee - RM 850

* Fee includes course Notes, Certificate of Completion & 6% Service Tax

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Day 1
Module 1: Understanding Wages, Salary & Budget 2020 updates on payroll calculation
单元 1:了解工资和薪水与2020年预算更新薪资计算
• Difference between wages and salary
• Contracts of Employment vs Employment Act 1955 ( ACT 265)
• Daily rated, monthly rated and piece rated employee

Module 2 : Understanding Normal Work Hours & Overtime
单元 2: 了解正常工作时间和加班
• Normal working hours & work days
• Payment for spread over of work hours
• Formula for calculation of Ordinary Rate of Pay (ORP)
• When does Overtime (OT) start?
• Formula for calculation of OT
• Limit on OT hours

Module 3: Understanding Rest Days
单元 3:了解休息日
• Minimum days of rest per week
• Payment rates for work during rest days
• Can an employee be forced to work on a rest day?

Module 4: Understanding Public Holidays
单元 4:了解公众假期
• What is the difference between compulsory and noncompulsory Public Holidays (PH)?
• No of days of compulsory and non-compulsory PH
• Payment rates for work on compulsory and noncompulsory PH

Module 5: Understanding Paid & Unpaid Annual Leaves
单元 5: 了解有薪和无薪年假
• Minimum no of days of entitlement
• Encashment of leave
• Rate for work done during normal hours / OT rates
• Salary computation / deduction for unpaid leave

Module 6: Understanding Paid & Unpaid Sick Leaves
单元 6:了解有薪和无薪病假
• Hospitalization & Non-hospitalization Leave entitlement
• The 'deemed-to-be-hospitalized' clause
• Conditions for sick leave
• Calculation for unpaid sick leave

Module 7: Understanding Paid & Unpaid Maternity Leaves
单元 7:了解有薪和无薪产假
• Maternity allowance / leave entitlement
• Conditions for Maternity Allowance eligibility
• Calculation for maternity allowance
• Payment for ex-employees
• Calculation for unpaid maternity leave

Module 8: Wage Calculations & Administration 2020
单元 8: 2020年工资计算与管理
• Definition of wages under the law
• Formula for calculation of salary for incomplete month
• Minimum and maximum amount of salary advance and loans
• Authorized and unauthorized deductions
• Limit in deductions
• Content of Pay Slip
• Payment date

Module 9: Effects of Resignations & Dismissals on Salary
单元 9:辞退对薪资的影响
• Minimum notice period
• Calculation for notice period
• Calculation for payment in lieu of notice period
• Calculation for last day of service
• Payment date of last salary

Module 10: Effects of Retrenchments on Salary
单元 10:裁员对薪资的影响
• Who is eligible for retrenchment benefits?
• Who is not eligible for retrenchment benefits?
• Notice period for retrenchment
• Calculation for payment of retrenchment benefits
• Payment date of retrenchment benefits

Day 2
Module 11: Socso, EPF & EIS Deductions and Contributions
单元 11 : Socso,EPF和EIS扣除额和贡献
• Who is eligible for deductions and contributions?
• Types of income are subject to SOCSO , EPF and EIS
• Rate of deductions for different classes of employees
• Date of contribution
• Late contributions

Module 12: Employers' reporting and compliance responsibilities in 2020
单元 12 : 雇主在2020年的报告和遵守责任
• Submission of forms due in 2019 - Forms E, EA, CP 39 etc.
• Notification of commencement and cessation of employment – Forms CP21, CP22, etc.
• Monthly Tax Deductions [MTD], including Forms PCB/ TP1 & TP3, e-PCB

Module 13: Income Tax & monthly tax deduction ( MTD)
单元 13 : 所得税和每月减税额(MTD)
• Definition of wages for income tax deductions
• Minimum income level for income tax deduction
• Normal vs additional remuneration
• Exemptions from tax
• Using the schedule to compute MTD / PCB
• Using the formula method to compute MTD / PCB
• Compulsory and optional deductions
• Rebates after tax
• Date of contribution
• Deductions for previous years

Module 14: Benefits in Kind and Other Perks
单元 14 : 实物和其他福利
• What are benefits-in-kind and perks
• Calculating value of perks
• Value of Living Accommodation (VOLA)
• Formula and prescribed value methods of determining values
• Employee Share Option Schemes (ESOS)
• Preparing the EA

[G] 讲师简介

Wendy Tee Leap Sing has over twelve years of experience in senior management and human resources positions for diversified industrial and business environments. Graduated with a Master of Business Administration (UM), Master of Information Technology (UM), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Certified Business coach (UM), Registered Financial Planner (RFP), Certified Trainer (PSMB) and Certified Advance Human Resource Practitioner (MIHRM), she
has undergone intensive academic training in various human development and knowledge improvement.

As a trainer, speaker and consultant, Wendy had spent hundreds of hours in training, speaking and conducting training related to personal development and performance management over the years. Her training sessions are enhanced with trainees getting exposure to personal development, improve service productivity and performance toward productivity. She commits herself towards creating results in personal excellence and inspiring people to their best at whatever they do. Her vast experience and exposure in different industry has given her an in depth understanding training and development needs which she delivers with passion, performance, positive, integrity and energetic .

Wendy is actively involved HR consultancy, management training and research. Her latest responsibility involves the business coaching, business training, management consultancy, management and lecturing of Master of Business Administration (CEMBA) programs for Wawasan Open Universities. She has experience managing training programs cover from local universities, in house training and public seminar training, from designing training needs assessment, developing training materials, monitoring and tracking of training programs successfulness and implementing training evaluation. Having been trained as a qualified trainer, her skill and knowledge has been enhanced in operations effectives, fitness analysis, gap analysis and needs assessments. For the past ten years she has been involved in lecturing and training in Financial Accounting and Reporting Skills, Personal Financial Planning, Corporate Financial Management, Practical Budgeting & Cost Reduction Technique, Mastering Company Accounts for Financial Statement Analysis, Balance Scorecard linked with Performance Management, Training Need and Analysis, Payroll Administration Techniques and Setting Departmental Key Performance Indicators ( KPIs).

Wendy is also a Human Resource consultant and certified trainer now appointed from Pembangunan Sumber Manuasia Berhad (PSMB), National Human Resources Centre (NHRC) and Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM), providing comprehensive and independent Human Resource advisory to clients. In addition to consulting with and servicing clients, she is responsible for HR training, coaching & advisory for the company. In the area of Human Resource Management, Wendy focuses on Strategic Talent Management, Training and Development Management, Performance Management, Payroll Management and Setting Departmental & Inter Departmental Key performance Indicators ( KPIs). Participants for her programs have come from various organization such as Chua Song Seng Group, CS Yap Metalparts Industrial, The Faceshop, Family store (Melaka), Far East Corrugated Carton Industrial, Piau Kee Live and Frozen Seafoods, Linexcom IT, LMM Marketing, Lott Inspection, Vedel IT Service, Aztel Corporation, Kuroda Electric, Persduri Sdn Bhd, Evershine Stainless Steel, Quality Results, ARL Equestrian, ARL Global, See Song & Sons, Godell Parking ( KL).

Wendy is now a Human Resource consultant providing comprehensive and independent Human Resource advisory to clients. She was also now pursuing her Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).

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