Course Information
  • 01-Dec-2020
  • Online
  • Serene Yap
  • Cantonese
  • RM 500
  • 2:00pm - 6:00pm

As a result of the COVID 19 pandemic which led to the Movement Control Order and subsequently the CMCO, by the Malaysian government in pursuant to the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 and Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Regulations 2020, most Company’s operations and revenue have been drastically affected. As a result, it is inevitable that Companies may resort to downsizing or retrenchment.


Upon completion of this programme, participants will be able to fully understanding the whole retrenchment dos’ and dont’s and to manage the whole Retrenchment exercise effectively and legally, from pre-implementation to submission to JTK, including post submission compliances.
Identify the right applications and effects of the Employment Act and Industrial Relations Act on the process of termination of employment on the employee’s rights, and also the employer’s rights and obligations to effectively manage your downsizing or retrenchment processes to avoid the Labour Court and the Industrial Court ruling in favour of employees with costly monetary consequences.

• Interactive Presentation
• Practical exercises
• Industrial Relations Court Case Analysis
• Quizzes
• Questions and Answers

• Human Resources Personnel
• Payroll Personnel
• Business Owners
• HR Service Providers

This programme is specially developed to provide refresher to all levels of staff to the applications of the Employment Act in managing your Human Resources in the new normal. Review the significant and cost effect of the evolving employment laws affecting your human resource management and employee’s interactions due to natural evolvement and unprecedented global crisis implications.
This workshop will be interactive with real life scenarios and industrial case studies and analysis.

By the end of this program, participants will be able to: -
• Clarify any ambiguities to the Employment Laws and Regulations with latest amendments or additions
• Create awareness to current requirements and updates and impact to your employment structure and business operations
• Leverage on current threshold and exemptions
• Explore the employer’s and employee’s rights and benefits

• Interactive Presentation
• Industrial Relations Court Case Studies and Analysis
• Practical exercise / Quizzes
• Questions & Answers

• Human Resource Managers / Executives / Supervisors / Officers
• Payroll Managers / Executives
• Heads of Departments / Line Managers
• Supervisors / Team Leaders
• HR Service Providers
• Business Owners and Employers


Date: 1 - 2 December 2020 (Tue - Wed)
Time: 2.00pm - 6.00pm
Mode: Online/ Interactive
Delivery Language: Cantonese [Notes in English]



- Special Offer (before 23 Nov 2020) - RM 460
- Normal Fee - RM 500

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[01] Employer’s and Employee’s Rights Pertaining to Retrenchment
• What is Retrenchment
• Redundancy
• Downsizing
• Voluntary Retrenchment Vs. Involuntary Retrenchment
• Voluntary Separation Scheme Vs. Mutual Separation Scheme
• Retrenchment Vs. Layoff
• Change of Ownership / Sale of Business

[02] The Code of Conduct for Industrial Harmony 1975
• Reduction of Fringe benefits
• Freeze bonus and increment
• Freezing recruitment or can we still recruit
• Reduction of Overtime and Work on Public holidays & Rest days
• Reduction of working hours and shift hours
• Transfer and Training
• The FOF Principle
• The LIFO Principle
• Pay Cuts (Salary reduction) alternative
- Pay cut sample letter and required JTK documentations

[03] The Retrenchment Process
• Establishment of reason for Retrenchment
• Establishment of Selection criterias on employees to be retrenched
• Retrenchment implementation process
• Sample Retrenchment offer letter
• Sample Acceptance letter

[04] Termination and Layoff benefits and entitlement
• Termination and Layoff benefits Regulations 1980
• Does your Employee Handbook plays a role
• Does your Employment Contract plays a role
• JTK Compliances and processes
• Termination benefits entitlement computations
• Is termination notice period required
• Termination benefits payment timeframe
• Filling up of JTK forms and required documentations
• Submission of JTK forms and documentations

[05] Employment Insurance System (EIS/SIP)
• Schemes and Benefits of EIS
• Eligibility and Entitlement


HRDF Certified Trainer

Serene Yap is a HR Trainer and Consultant. She has been involved in all aspects of human capital development and management for more than 20 years. She holds an MBA in General Management, is a certified NLP Practitioner by ISNS, Certified Master Class Trainer and a PSMB approved Trainer. Her industry exposure includes property development and management, hospitality, medical, manufacturing, oil and gas, construction sector and consultancy services.

She has developed and conducted many HR programs covering both the Employment Act 1955, Sabah Labour Ordinance and Sarawak Labour Ordinance. Notable programs are Employer’s and Employee’s rights in HR Management, Developing HR policies, HR Documentations and SOPs, Behavioral-based Interview, and Managing Misconduct and Domestic Inquiry amongst others. Besides training, Serene also consults and has successfully carried out consultancy projects from HR Audit, Policies & Procedures and Employee Handbook; Retrenchment Strategy and Execution to HR Department Startup and HR Team Coaching over the years.


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