[Setia Alam, NEW] E-Invoicing Masterclass For Account Personnel
Course Information
  • 30-Jul-2024
  • Courtyard by Marriott, Setia Alam
  • Winson Han
  • English
  • RM 1,040 RM 980
    Until 27 Jul 2024
  • 8:30am - 5:00pm

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This program is designed to immerse accounting professionals in the world of electronic invoicing. This training offers an in-depth look at the legal frameworks, processes, and operational flows of e-Invoicing, including its issuance, validation, and storage. Emphasis is placed on the crucial role of accounting personnel in implementing e-Invoicing, integrating it with accounts receivable and payable, and managing self-billed invoices and foreign transactions. 

The course also highlights how e-Invoicing can drive business transformation, streamline operations, and enhance strategic decision-making. Participants will learn about the benefits such as improved cash flow, operational efficiencies, and cost reductions, all while gaining competitive advantages and strategic insights through effective resource allocation. 

Join us to explore the strategic advantages of e-Invoicing for enhancing tax compliance and preventing fraud. Through interactive workshops and practical exercises, you will gain the skills needed to lead your organization through the digital transformation of accounting practices, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and enhancing transaction accuracy. This program is tailored to empower accounts personnel to be at the forefront of adopting and benefiting from e-Invoicing in the digital economy. 



• Gain a comprehensive understanding of e-invoicing, including an overview of its framework, the legal requirements, and the operational processes involved 

• Learn how to effectively issue, validate, share, and manage discrepancies in e-invoices, as well as techniques for proper storage and reporting 

• Develop a clear strategy for the targeted implementation of e-invoicing, identify specific transactions and exemptions, and understand the importance and usage of the 55 e-invoice fields 

• Acquire skills to manage consolidated and self-billed e-invoices and address specific scenarios including understanding the LHDN Data Catalogue 

• Learn how to request e-invoices post-sale, manage invoicing for exempt persons, and handle periodic billing effectively 

• Understand how e-invoicing integrates with accounts receivable and payable, and how to account for income and expenses within the e-invoicing framework 

• Develop the ability to reconcile accounts and e-invoices, ensuring accuracy and compliance in financial reporting 

• Engage in interactive workshops and hands-on sessions to analyse e-invoice databases, gaining insights and practical applications of e-invoicing in real-world scenarios 



• CFO, Financial Controller 

• Finance Professionals 

• Finance Manager 

• Accounts Executive, Senior Account Executives, Supervisors, Account Assistants 



Interactive workshop and Q&A session.



Date:    30 July 2024 (Tue)
Time:    8.30am – 5.00pm
Venue:   Courtyard by Marriott, Setia Alam


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     - Special Offer (before 27 Jul 2024)     -      RM 980
     - Normal Fee - RM 1,040


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Module 1: Introduction to E-Invoicing 

• Overview of E-Invoicing 

• Legal Framework
• E-Invoicing Process 

Module 2: E-Invoicing Operational Flow 

• Issuing E-Invoices 

• Validating and Sharing E-Invoices 

• Handling E-Invoice Discrepancies 

• Storing and Reporting 

Module 3: E-Invoicing Preparation and Compliance 

• Targeted Implementation Timeline 

• Identifying Targeted Transactions and Exemptions 

• The 55 E-Invoice Fields Explained 

Module 4: Special Considerations in E-Invoicing 

• Consolidated E-Invoices 

• Self-Billed E-Invoices
• Dealing with Specific Scenarios
• Understanding the LHDN Data Catalogue 

Module 5: Operationalize E-Invoicing in Business Transactions 

• Requesting for E-Invoice after Sales 

• Invoicing Exempt Persons
• Periodic Billing 

Module 6: Practical Applications in Accounting 

• E-Invoicing – An Accounting Perspective 

• Integration with Accounts Receivable and Payable 

• Accounting for income and expenses
• Reconciling financial accounts with e-invoices 

Module 7: Workshop and Hands-On Session 

• Stimulation, Interactive Workshop 

• Analysis and insights into E-invoice databases 

• Impacts and implications of E-Invoicing
• Q&A session 


End of Training 




Chartered Accountant, Consultant, HRDC Accredited Trainer 

Winson Han is a Chartered Accountant by profession and with over 40 years of experience having been a practicing accountant, company secretary, financial controller, and management / training consultant. He is also the independent Director of a Nasdaq listed Financial Services firm. 

He begins his career in accountancy with 2 established firms of Chartered Accountants and served a total of 5 years in professional practice. He spent a total of 7 years in the corporate sector covering the construction, heavy equipment, and palm oil industries in Malaysia and Brunei. 

He runs his own management firm from 1985 to 2002. He left professional practice and went into corporate training covering finance and accounting. He currently consults and advises companies to better manage their businesses through an integrated process covering strategic planning; tactical design, planning (financial and otherwise) and implementation; and monitoring, review, and analysis. Besides consulting, Mr. Han is actively involved in conducting public and in-house seminars in accounting, financial management and analysis, financial planning & budgeting, cost management, SST/GST and credit and cash flow management. 



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