[Bintulu, FREE ChatGPT Book] Delivering Values Through AI Tools
Course Information
  • 04-Jul-2024
  • Fairfield by Marriortt Bintulu
  • N. Selvam
  • English
  • RM 950 RM 900
    Until 28 Jun 2024
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm



AI tools are software programs that use artificial intelligence algorithms to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence. 


Join us for an engaging presentation that demystifies AI Tools and their practical applications.  





Gain valuable insights into the top AI Tools currently available in the market. Learn practical tips and tricks for implementing AI Tools effectively in your everyday live. 


By combining these tools, your productivity and output will be greatly boosted, and may also bring about new innovation as a result. 





AI tools can help you automate repetitive tasks, make better decisions, and improve your productivity. 


Find out why understanding AI Tools is crucial for staying ahead of the curve and gaining a competitive edge.





AI tools can help you save time, reduce errors, and improve your decision-making skills. 

Discover how these tools can streamline your workflow, boost efficiency, and help you achieve your goals faster. 





Case Study, Demo, Hands-on practice and Group Discussion. 





Please bring along a laptop for this training. 



[07] DATE, TIME & FEE 


Date:         4 July 2024 (Thu)
Time:         9.00am - 5.00pm
Venue:      Fairfield by Marriortt Bintulu

6 MBOT CPD Points 


FEE:   [ HRD Corp Claimable ]

   - Early Bird Offer (before 14 Jun 2024) - RM850
   - Special Offer (before 28 Jun 2024) – RM 900
   - Normal Fee – RM 950

>> Fee includes Course Notes, Lunch, Refreshments, Certificate of Completion and 6% Service Tax

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- 10% Cashback for SST2u Learner Card+ (SLC+) members. T&Cs applied.


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Course Type: Public
Course Code: 10001313380





8.30 am Registration & Welcome


9.00 am Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’) and AI Tools


9.30 am Tool 1 - ChatGPT

• Your personal AI assistant for everyday tasks and information retrieval


11.00 am Morning Tea Break


11.20 am Tool 1 - ChatGPT (cont./-)

• Your personal AI assistant for everyday tasks and information retrieval


12.20 pm Lunch Break


1.10 pm Tool 2 - Bard.Google

• An AI-powered language model for generating creative and engaging content


1.40 pm Tool 3 - Bing

• A powerful search engine utilizing AI algorithms to provide accurate and relevant search results, and potential applications


2.10 pm Tool 4 - Natural Readers

• A text-to-speech software that converts text, PDFs, and other documents into spoken audio so you can listen to your documents, ebooks, anytime, anywhere


2.40 pm Afternoon Tea Break


3.00 pm Tool 5 - Canva

• An intuitive graphic design platform powered by AI, enabling you to create stunning visuals effortlessly. Discuss the rise of AI graphics


5.00 pm Summary & Q&As


5.10 pm End of Training






Excel & Tableau Expert, Author, Chartered Accountant

HRDF Certified Trainer


N. Selvam is a Member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), Chartered Institute of Managements (CIMA), Chartered Global Management Accountant.

(CGMA) and a Certified Software Consultant. He runs a software consulting firm for over 30 years.

When Malaysia implemented GST, he was an authority on analysing the GST Audit File (GAF) using Excel. He conducted over 300 hands-on training session for MIA, CIMA, Customs and many big corporations.

He lectured for more than 6 years in a local university on Computerized Accounting and wrote 5 Users Guides. In 2019, he was given TTT exemptions by HRDF.   In 2020, he published two books on “Data Visualization with Tableau for Beginners” and he is now working on Volume 3.





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