[Bayan Lepas, NEW] Preparing Guides For IRB Malaysia E-Invoicing Implementation
Course Information
  • 04-Jul-2024
  • Amari SPICE Hotel, Bayan Lepas
  • Dr. Wendy Tee Leap Sing
  • English
  • RM 1,920 RM 1,860
    Until 01 Jul 2024
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm

Latest Update (June 2024)



On 22 May 2023, the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board (IRB) formally announced that they are targeting 4,000 businesses for the first stage of the new electronic invoicing (e-invoice) system. This is a mandatory enforcement for businesses that reach a sales threshold of RM100m per year. Implementation is slated to commence in August 2024. This workshop sheds light on the preparation needed for Malaysia’s e-invoicing platform and the implementation plans as announced by Inland Revenue Board (IRB). We will also share important guides ahead of your e-invoicing preparation journey.

This training course will provide you valuable insights into pivotal shift in business operations. we are presenting a comprehensive training course that delves into the latest updates in tax administration, directly impacting businesses and taxpayers.



• To provide participants with a foundational understanding of Malaysia's e-invoice system, its scope and its implications for businesses and taxpayers

• To recognize the potential accounting, information technology and tax issues that businesses may encounter before and during the implementation of the e-invoice system

• Understand the differences between E invoice models

• Understand the E invoice transaction changes

• Develop an action plan for the implementation of the e-invoicing system

• Assessing readiness of E invoice implement in the company



This course is designed for employees, managers, self-employed or business partners who are interested understanding of Malaysia's e-invoice system, its scope and its implications for businesses and taxpayers.



Interactive lectures, practical exercises & discussion on all relevant aspects and implementation of e-invoicing to ensure participants grasp clearly aspects presented.



Date:4-5 July 2024 (Thu-Fri)
Time:9.00am - 5.00pm
Venue:Amari SPICE Hotel, Bayan Lepas


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Module 1 - Introduction of E-Invoice

• About E-Invoice

• Recent developments and key trends 

• Benefits of adopting E-Invoice

• Transaction types

• Scenarios and types of e-invoices

• E-Invoice implementation timeline

• Exemptions from implementation e invoice

• E-Invoice overview workflow 

• E-Invoice modelling

• E-Invoice guideline


Module 2 - E-Invoice Model via MyInvois Portal

• Pre-Submission – E-Invoice Submission Requirements 

• Step 1 – Creation and Submission

• Step 2 – E-Invoice Validation

• Step 3 – Notification

• Step 4 – Sharing of e-Invoice

• Step 5, 6 and 7 – Rejection or Cancellation

• Step 8 – Storing e-Invoices

• Step 9 – Reporting and Dashboard Services for Taxpayers


Module 3 - E-Invoice Model via API

• Pre-Submission – E-Invoice Submission Requirements 

• Step 1 – Submission

• Step 2 – e-Invoice Validation

• Step 3 – Notification

• Step 4 – Sharing of E-Invoice

• Step 5, 6 and 7 – Rejection and Cancellation

• Step 8 – Storing E-Invoices

• Step 9 – Reporting and Dashboards Services for Taxpayer 

• Software Development Kit (SDK)


Module 4 - Understanding of E-Invoice Transaction Changes

• Transaction with buyers

• Statements or bills on a period basis

• Disbursement or Reimbursement

• Employment perquisites and benefits

• Certain expenses incurred by employee on behalf of the employer

• Self-billed E-invoice

• Transactions which involve payments in monetary form to agents, dealers or distributors

• Cross boarder transaction

• Profit distribution

• Foreign income

• Currency exchange rate

End of Day One 




Module 5 - Managing Risk, Tax Audits, Data Security and Privacy Monitoring of E-Invoicing

• E- Invoicing: Preparing for digital reporting

• Managing risk and tax audits

• What are the big risks businesses will need to consider when implementing e Invoicing

• Which parts of business operations need to work together to ensure the seamless administration of e Invoicing?

• What is the expanded/new set of internal controls that need to be in place to reduce organizational compliance risks?

• How can technology be leveraged to be able to manage and comply with the new requirements, and anticipate tax risks deriving from e Invoices


Module 6 - Assessing Readiness of E-Invoice

• The impacts of personnel, resources and process

• E Invoicing: Impact on strategies and operations

• Examples of e-Invoicing strategies

• Key considerations when implementing e Invoicing

• Pre and post of the implementation of the e-invoicing system


Module 7 - Tax Compliance With The Digital Era Insights Into Malaysia’s New Section’s New Sections 82b And 82c

• Finance (No 2) Bill 2023 proposes new sections 82B and 82C

• Section 82B Duty to provide information and furnish documents for ascertaining chargeable income and tax payable

• Section 82C Duty to issue electronic invoice

• Overview and tax impact on Section 82B (1) and 82C (1)


Module 8 - Impacts

• Impacts on Small and Medium Sized Industries o Tax Compliance

o Tax Auditing

o Data Collection

o Additional Manpower

o System (Software/ Hardware) Upgrade


Module 9 - Frequency Asked Questions 

• Industry frequency asked questions

End of Training





HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Dr Wendy Tee has over eighteen years of experience in senior management and human resources positions for diversified industrial and business environments. Graduated with a Doctor of Business Administration (UUM), Master of Business Administration (UM), Master of Information Technology (UM), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Certified Business coach (UM), Registered Financial Planner (RFP), HRD CORP Accredited Trainer (HRD Corporation) and Certified Advance Human Resource Practitioner (MIHRM), she has undergone intensive academic training in various human development and knowledge improvement.

Dr Wendy is actively involved in management training and lecture. Her latest responsibility involves the lecturing of Executive Master Business Administra- tion (EMBA) for Universiti Teknologi (SPACE) and Financial and Investment Degree programs for Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management & Technology. She has experience managing training programs cover from local universities, in house training and public seminar training.

Dr Wendy is a licenced financial planner currently registered with Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC). Her responsibility involves the corporate training, financial training, management and human resource consultancy, management and financial advisory. Work with individuals to meet short and long-term financial goals-advise clients have a good command of investments and security planning, estate planning, tax planning, employee benefits planning and insurance planning.

Dr Wendy is also a Human Resource consultant and certified trainer now appointed from Harrison Assessment Talent solutions (HATS), Pembangunan Sumber Manuasia Berhad (PSMB) and National Human Resources Centre (NHRC), providing comprehensive and independent Human Resource advisory to clients. In addition to consulting with and servicing clients, she is responsible for HR assessment, HR training, coaching & advisory for the company. In the area of Human Resource Management, Wendy focuses on Understanding Malaysian Employment Laws, Strategic Talent Management, Training and Development Management, Performance Management, Payroll Management, HR Tax planning and Setting Departmental & Inter Departmental Key performance Indicators (KPIs).

Dr Wendy completed and passed her GST and SST exams organized by Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM) with the cooperation and support from the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMC). She has trained more than 80 SME companies in Malaysia for getting prepare on the post implementation of GST and SST, mainly dealing with the tax authorities over various indirect tax issues, elements and scope of indirect tax, cycle and operations, rulings, registration, administration, audit and investigations on behalf of her clients.






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