[Online, Updated] Managing Service Tax Compliance And Exemption Facilities
Course Information
  • 29-Jul-2024
  • Online
  • Mohd Rozlan Mohamed Ali
  • BM/English
  • RM 700 RM 660
    Until 22 Jul 2024
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm




All Service Tax registrants are required to comply to all provision as outlined in the Service Tax Act Regulations and Orders 2018. Any non-compliance may subject to fine & penalties. Furthermore, any omission of informa- tion and/or incorrect SST-02 return can be classified as evading of tax which may be punishable with hefty penal- ty. JKDM is offering 100% remission of penalty for Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) until 31st May 2024.
Furthermore, in order to maintain the single-stage princi- ple there are certain group of taxable service provider may eligible for service tax exemption to avoid double taxation subject to certain conditions.
The recently tabled Budget 2024 proposes that tax rate on several taxable services will increase to 8%. The implication will be highlighted and what early preparations must be taken to cushion the impact.




• At the end of this training session, participants will be able to:
• Get latest update on Service Tax mechanism & compliance 
• Know-what is Service Tax Exemptions
• Immediately utilise any service tax exemption
• Practically implement/amend any non-compliance 
• Encourage self and voluntary compliance




• Registered Persons under Service Tax Act 2018 
• Business Owners and Company Directors
• CFOs, Financial Controllers and Finance Managers 
• Accountants, Accounts Executives, Accounts Assistants 
• Business Advisors, Auditors and Internal Audit Staff 
• Freelance Accounting Professionals
• SST Managers / Executives
• Other functional staff engaged in Services Tax matters 
• Entrepreneurs – who wish to understand the service tax mechanism, compliance & exemption

Special Topic: 100% penalty remission on Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP), Budget 2024 updates & implication




Date:     29 Jul 2024 (Mon)
Time:     9.00am – 5.00pm
Mode:    Online / Interactive
Level:    Intermediate

   - Special Offer (before 22 Jul 2024)     –      RM 660
   - Normal Fee      –      RM 700
    >> Fee includes Course Notes, Certificate of Completion and 8% Service Tax.
** OFFER **
   - 10% Cashback for SST2u Learner Card+ (SLC+) members. T&Cs applied

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Service Tax 2018 - Scope & Concept

• A revision with latest updates
 o Taxable Services
 o Disbursement vs Reimbursement

 o Imported Taxable Services
• Responsibilities of Registered Persons
• Special Topic #1 : Recent Expansion in Service Tax Scope and Rate


Service Tax Exemption & Facilities

• Exempted Services
• Service Tax (Persons Exempted from payment of Tax) Order 2018
• Intra Group exemption
• Minister Exemption
• Other Service Tax Facilities
 o Contra System 
 o Refund
 o Bad Debts


Service Tax Return & Payment

• Accounting for Service Tax

 o Invoice
 o Official Receipt
 o Credit Note / Debit Note
• Filing of SST-02 Return & Payment of Tax
 o Cash vs Invoice basis
 o Required info to fill up the SST-02 Return Form

 o Supplement return for Incorrect Return
 o SST-02A (Imported Taxable Service)
• Record Keeping
• Special Topic #2 : Service Tax Treatment during Transitional Period


Audit & Compliance

• Objectives of tax audit 
• Types of Audit
• Common audit finding 
• Fine & Penalty
• Special Topic #3 : 100% Penalty Remission on Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) & E-Invoicing

Q&A Session 

End of Training





Former Director, Indirect Tax, MATA, Malaysian Association of Tax Accountants

MOHD ROZLAN MOHAMED ALI adalah Ahli Majlis Kerja Tertinggi Persatuan Akauntan Percukaian Malaysia (M.A.T.A.) serta Mantan Pengarah Unit Cukai Tidak Langsung M.A.T.A. Berkelulusan Sarjana Pentabiran Perniagaan (Kewangan) (MBA-Finance) dari Universiti Utara Malaysia.
Mohd Rozlan aktif mengendalikan seminar, khid- mat nasihat serta praktikal perlaksanaan GST dan SST di seluruh negara untuk pelbagai jenis indus- tri, syarikat dan perniagaan. Pengalaman kerja selama lebih 25 tahun dan kemahiran perakaunan memberi banyak kelebihan untuk mengatasi semua jenis masalah perlaksanaan SST2.0 – Cukai Jualan 2018 dan Cukai Perkhidmatan 2018.




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