[Kuala Lumpur, 2-Day] Employer & Employee Income Tax Responsibilities & Obligations
Course Information
  • 27-May-2024
  • Amari Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
  • Hari Ramulu M.
  • English
  • RM 1,880
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm


Understanding and taking advantage of the various tax provisions can create additional value by optimizing tax savings for both employers and employees. Any tax efficient remuneration package should provide comfort and satisfaction for both employers and employees. A ‘Win-Win’ tax benefit model is the solution. The program will cover the latest tax developments and their impact on the employer and employee. 



CEOs, Directors, Senior Managers, HR Managers & Executives, Tax Agents/Advisors, Tax Specialists, Tax Accountants, Finance and Administrative Managers, Financial Controllers Company Secretaries Bankers Financial Planners Advocates & Solicitors, Business Entrepreneurs. 



• Types of Benefits in Kind (BIK) and perquisites that attract tax for employees 

• Can the employer claim full tax deductions for all monetary and non-monetary benefits? 

• Knowing the duties and responsibilities of both employer and employee with regard to tax 

• Identify and explore the various tax benefits for employees
• Planning a tax efficient remuneration package for executives
• Knowing the various tax reliefs and rebates given to employees 

• Tax treatment of gratuity and compensation paid to employees 

• Knowing how to compute personal income tax
• Latest tax developments and case laws relevant to treatment of income tax 



Presentation notes, Public Rulings, Explanations, Illustrations, Interaction with participants, Questions & Answers. 


Date:     27-28 May 2024 (Mon-Tue)

Time:     9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue:   Amari Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

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Module 1 - Employment Income & Taxable Benefits for Employers 

• Gross salaries/wages/leave pay 

• Fees/commission/bonus/allowances/overtime/gratuity 

• Perquisites 

• Benefits in kind (BIK) 

• Living accommodation provided by employer 

• Refunds from unapproved pension funds 

• Compensation for loss of office 


Module 2 - Duties & Responsibilities of Both Employer and Employee 

• Recruitment/Retirement of employees 

• Monthly tax deductions scheme (PCB) 

• Dealing with foreign workers/non-residents 

• Determining resident status for employees 

• Procedures for withholding payments 

• Types of return forms & how to fill up the forms - Form E/EA/BE/B 

• Non-compliance consequences 

• Overview of Self-Assessment System (SAS) for individual taxpayers 

• Tax audit & tax investigation 


Module 3 - Treatment of Employment Income
• Planning for tax efficient remuneration package 

• Pitfalls/traps to be avoided when planning remuneration for executives/directors 

• Valuing non-monetary and monetary benefits provided to employees 

• Maximizing tax reliefs and rebates given to employees 

• Tax treatment of gratuity and compensation paid to employees 

• Designing an effective tax computation system 


Module 4 - Tax Implication on Benefits in Kind (BIK) Provided to Employees 

• What is meant by BIK? 

• Ascertainment of the value of BIK 

• Computing value of BIK (formula method and prescribed value method) 

• Company car and other related benefits (driver, petrol)

• Household furnishings, apparatus & appliances 

• Other taxable benefits 

• Tax exempt benefits 

• Treatment of mobile telephone/leave passage 

End of Day One 



Module 5 - Prequisites Provided to Employees 

• The distinction between perquisites and BIK 

• Types of perquisites and the tax treatment 

 ○ Employees pecuniary liabilities 

 ○ Credit card facilities
 ○ Loan interest
 ○ Recreational club membership 

 ○ Tuition or school fees of child 

 ○ Insurance premiums 

 ○ Gardener, driver, domestic help or guard 

 ○ Scholarship
 ○ Waiver of loan or advance
 ○ Assets provided free of charge or sold at discounted prices
 ○ Gift vouchers
 ○ Gift of personal computers
 ○ Excellent Public Service award
 ○ Professional subscriptions
 ○ Income Tax of the employee borne by the employer


Module 6 - Living Accomodation Benefit Provided by The Employer 

• Tax treatment of living accommodation benefit provided to employees and service directors 

• Computation of value of living accommodation 

• Circumstances in which the value of benefit can be reduced. 


Module 7 - Compensation for Loss of Employment 

• Under what circumstances compensation for loss of employment arises
• Distinction between payment for compensation and payment for gratuity
• Computation of taxable benefits 

Module 8 - Finance Act 2024 

End of Training 




HRDF Certified Trainer 

Hari Ramulu Munusamy is a Business Financial Consultant cum Lecturer, with wide experience in public practice and in financial management & public sector accounting, auditing and taxation educational process, having been in the profession and industry since October 1976. 

He started his career with Messrs F. H. Eiles & Co., a firm of Chartered Accountants in London as an Audit Assistant in October 1976. Subsequently, he contin- ued his career as an Audit Supervisor with Messrs Coopers & Lybrand (now known as Pricewaterhouse- Coopers), Kuantan in May 1984. In January 1986 he joined Messrs Senthe & Co (a firm of Chartered Accountants in private practice in Petaling Jaya), as an Audit Manager, till December 2006. Over the years, he gained knowledge, experience, skills and expertise in accounting, auditing and taxation servic- es including tax investigation, forensic accounting and company floatation. 

He had conducted seminars and courses in financial accounting, internal auditing, external auditing, and taxation to practitioners and general public. 

Professionally, he is a Fellow member of the Associa- tion of Chartered Certified Accountants of UK, a Chartered Accountant of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants, an Associate member of the Malaysian Institute of Taxation, a Chartered member of the Institute of Internal Auditors of Malaysia (affiliate of USA), and an Associate member of the Certified Fraud Examiners of USA. His academic qualifications are Diploma in Accountancy (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England), and Master of Business Administration (Accounting) from University of Newcastle, USA. 


• Master in Business Administration (Accounting), University of Newcastle, USA 

• Fellow Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK 

• Chartered Member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Malaysia 

• Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Tax, Malaysia 

• Chartered Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors, Malaysia 

• Associate Member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, USA 



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