[Online 3-Day] Strategic Debt Collection
Course Information
  • 16-Nov-2020
  • Online
  • Agee Lee
  • English
  • RM 800 RM 740
    Until 04 Nov 2020
  • 10:00am - 4:00pm
(A) Introduction

A practical and comprehensive approach to lay down a strong foundation to manage the credit extending, credit evaluating and credit recovery so as to minimize the level of bad debts. Thus, it only takes 36 days to erode 25 per cent of a net profit of 10% and 148 days to wipe out the whole 10 per cent. This module then aspires to remind and refresh the credit officers and marketing executives to diligently carry out the credit policies, though may look conflicting sometimes. Nevertheless, bad credits are a part of the business, and techniques to recover these bad credits are often misunderstood.

(B) Course Objective

• To understand the meaning of Credit Managing,
• To pay attention on the whims and fancies of the different types of customers,
• To lay down the credit rules to early select the good customers,
• To avail to all available information to assess the new and potential customers,
• To maintain a continuous vigilance on the existing customers in view of the ever-changing dynamics of business,
• To establish the collection policies to monitor and control the slow-paying, delinquent and bad accounts,
• To make the effective collection calls and sent the appropriate
letters at different points of time,
• To appreciate the Malaysian Judicial System that can help or break the business,
• To set the house in order to manage the granting and collecting the extended credits,
• To avoid the common pitfalls of a failing credit department. and
• To show how setting credit by the Accounts Department that will impinge the sales targets of the Sale Personnel, while disrupting the production schedule of the production people

(C) Who Should Attend

• Supervisors, Finance/Account Executives, Finance Managers, Production Managers & Sales Managers must understand that debt collecting depend on joint efforts
• Finance Controllers, Accountants & Company Secretaries must appreciate the techniques of collecting include legal recourses
• CEOS, MDS, Company Directors, Business Owners, & Business & Finance Consultants must be aware that good debt collecting helps to improve the cash flows of the business

(D) Date/Time/ Mode

Date: 16 - 18 November 2020 (Mon - Wed)
Time: 10am - 4pm
Mode: Online/ Interactive

(E) Fees

Early Bird (before 20 Oct 2020) - RM 680
Special Offer (before 4 Nov 2020) - RM 740
Normal Fee - RM800

* Fee includes course Notes, Certificate of Attendance & 6% Government Service Tax

(i) 15% Overriding Discount for SST2u Loyalty Card members

(F) Course Features


Session 1
Get yourselves ready for managing a credit & control department to set your priorities to thwart bad debts
1) Credit
Credit, Credit Policies, Credit Priorities/Objectives, Credit Process, Credit Appraisal and Credit Standing

Session 2
Show you the ease without fuss to grant credit amounts and credit limits to new and existing customers rather loosing the sales
2) Collections
Objective, Techniques, Policies, Laying Down Rules, Tools to Collect, Art of Talk-Off, Credit Cycle Collection Calls, Drafting Letters and Audit

Session 3
Rather than waiting for the professional credit reports, you can always check and rely on those ready in hand information that can surely help
3) Credit and Financial Analysis
Credit Application, Credit Limits, Current Accounts, Sales Statements, Interpretation of Financial Statement, Ratio Analysis, Sources of Information and Annual Review


Session 4
The crux on credit processing and granting approval credit limit is the foundation to a successful credit policy
4) Forecasting
Auto Approval and Credit, and Scoring Model

Session 5
Sometimes, you worry me more because of the lack of interests to resort to the laws to collect your delinquent and bad debts, albeit the big loss of cash flows
5) Legal Issues
Legal Cycle, Pre-considerations, Malaysian Judicial System, Judgment Order, Modes of Execution, Winding Up, Bankruptcy and Collateralize Debts
(Updated with latest law amendments)


Session 6
A post-mortem analysis on your manners of granting credits and collecting debts will enable you to revise your existing policies or laying down new rules
6) Credit and Cash Flow Strategy
Credit Function Structure, Policies and Procedure, Level of Approving Authority, Negotiating Guarantees and Collateral, Bad Debt Write-Off Control, and Auditing Credit Function

Session 7
A review on some of the above strategies and then set them as best practices for your accountants, sales executives and production personnel to work together
7) Perspective – COD and DO Carry
Risk, Beware of Home-Made Financial Accounts, Beware of Customers that Move, Credit Meeting, Credit Administration and Strategic Debt Collecting Plan

(G) About Speaker

Agee Lee

Agee Lee has more than 22 years of experience in the commercial banking in Malaysia and has worked in Malayan Banking Berhad and seconded to Kwong Yik Bank Berhad in 1980 to set up a Legal Documentation Department.

He started as a trainee officer moving up to Branch Manager, Loan Manager managing Corporate and Commercial Loans and finally as Head of Loan Recovery Division bringing down NPLs to RM65m from RM800m. He also worked in a property development company, then constructing a condominium and Nilai 3, for 2 years, and involved in a manufacturing company before working for 2 years in a construction company, executing federal contracts on roads, schools and colleges, in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Besides marketing and approving the commercial loans, he was instrumental in setting up the Loan Recovery Section supervising about RM1.9b NPLs and was involved in structuring loans and lecturing modules on debt collecting and legal documentation on securities for 13 years. His last appointment was with Hong Leong Bank Berhad in 2003/4 as Head of Remedial Management Department.

Agee Lee holds Honours Degree in Economics (major in Business Administration) from Universiti Malaya, Associate of Institute of Bankers (London), Diploma in Marketing Management (NPC) and Certificate in Financial Planning (MII).

He is now a Training Consultant for IBBM, MIA and Banks in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. Currently he has been giving talks on practical topics that will boost skills and confidence of participants.

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