[Online, NEW] Smart Finances, Grow Your Profit: Mastering Cash Flow Workshop
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  • 18-Mar-2024
  • Online
  • Suzee Jalani
  • English
  • RM 1,990 RM 1,700
    Until 28 Feb 2024
  • 8:30am - 4:30pm


In the dynamic landscape of business, the ability to navigate financial waters is paramount. This program is designed to elevate your understanding of cash flow management and drive profit growth. From understanding the intricacies of accounting principles to implementing effective cash flow & debt management, each module is designed to provide action- able insights that participants can implement immediately in their respective businesses & organisations. Through engaging modules, practical insights, and hands-on exercises, the program’s aim is to empower you with the financial acumen, equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to make informed financial decisions, optimise resource utilisation and strategically manage cash flow for long-term business success and sustainable growth and profitability. 



This program is suitable for entrepreneurs, business owners, financial decision-makers, executives, managers and team leaders who are looking to enhance their financial acumen and strategic capabilities towards business growth. 



At the end of the program, participants will be able to: 

• Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of fundamental accounting & financial principles, enabling informed decision-making in business
• Define effective resource management strategies to optimise business performance
• Analyse and interpret types of costs, proficiently calculate costs, set prices strategically, and apply break-even analysis to enhance overall profitability
• Plan, prepare and evaluate budgets and cash flows, and implement strategies to manage potential financial challenges
• Interpret financial statements, including Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements, using fundamental ratios for insightful analysis and decision-making 

• Emphasise on internal controls to enhance operational integrity and minimise risks in cash management, purchasing and sales processes
• Apply effective strategies and practical techniques for debt management, enabling them to assess and mitigate potential debt challenges 



This training will be conducted using the experiential learning methodology of Kolb’s Learning Cycle. This is a test and proven approach that learners to experience analytical and creative thinking through workshop session, group discussions, video clips, simulations & role plays, case studies, exercises and/or games, individual assignments, templates and/or tools, then they would reflect and conceptualise their lessons learned to be transferred to their workplaces upon returning from this program. 

Because of this methodology, learners learn more and retain more too (90%). As they retain more knowledge from this program, the probability to apply and promote will definitely be high. 



Date:    18-20 Mar 2024 (Mon-Wed)

Time:    8:30am - 4:30pm

Mode:   Online/ Interactive


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Module 1 - Introduction to Accounting and Finance 

• Introduction and definition of accounting and financial statements 

• Financial strategies: 

 ○ Purpose of business and its activities
 ○ Importance of accounting preparation 

 ○ Business account preparation 


Module 2 - Resource Management 

• Human resource management
 ○ Understand how human resource management affects business performance
• Physical and technological resource management 

 ○ Analyse the importance of physical and technological resource management 

 ○ Leverage on BMC (Business Model Canvas) to optimise resource management strategies 


Module 3 - Calculation and Analysis of the Costs of Products & Services
• Definition and types of costs 

 ○ Understand the types of costs and cost management 

• Calculation of costs, pricing and break-even point 

 ○ Practise cost calculation, pricing strategies, and the application of break-even point for heightened profitability 



Module 4 - Budget and Cash Flow 

• Understand the role of budgeting and cash flow in financial management, strategising ways to sidestep common cash flow challenges

• Planning and preparing budgets and cash flow
 ○ Engage in hands-on exercises, crafting budgets, and refining cash flow strategies 

Module 5 - Understanding Financial Statements for Decision Making 

• Define the role of financial statements, and identify the key stakeholders in informed decision making 

• Understand financial statements: ○ Income Statement
○ Balance Sheet
○ Cash Flow Statement 

• Practical techniques for analysing and interpreting financial statements using fundamental ratios 



Module 6 - Internal Controls 

• Definition of internal controls & recognising their pivotal importance 

• Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures and robust controls in:
 ○ Cash management 

 ○ Purchase process 

 ○ Sales process 


Module 7 - Debt Management Techniques 

• Debt management
 ○ Effective strategies for managing debts 

 ○ Assessing and avoiding issues of debts 

• Debtors’ management
 ○ Practical steps to monitor and manage debtors 

 ○ Strategies to mitigate the risk of bad debts 


Module 8 - Business Financing 

• Sources of financing for business
• Justify suitable types of financing for different business scenarios 




HRDF Certified Trainer 

Suzee is a Finance & Human Resource Development professional, trainer and coach who helps people and organisations drive business growth and competitive advantage through optimisation of learning and talent development. 

Over 20 years of experience in Accounting, Finance, Risk, Investments, Human Resource Development (HRD) and Consultancy, with exposure in various industries and businesses - has resulted to sound understanding of the integration of human capital development and finance in achieving business goals and organisational needs. 


Experience in HR, finance & consultancy: 

• Learning and development (L&D)
• Organisational design & development 

• HR business partner
• Transformation advisory services
• Finance and accountancy
• Assurance and risk management
• Investments 


Work exposure in various industries & businesses: 

• Oil and gas
• Multichannel television broadcasting 

• Talent management corporation
• Consultancy
• Plantation
• Shipping 

• Port management 

• Construction
• Manufacturing
• Trading and retails 

• Investments 


As HRD professional, Suzee has led, strategised, planned and developed integrated implementation of learning & talent development programmes through partnerships with various stakeholders (senior leadership, employees, consultants and training providers) towards building a capable and competent workforce to achieve effective business delivery and business growth. She has facilitated effectively leadership, induction, problem solving, industry & business planning trainings to employees from local and global regional offices. As a facilitator, she is highly recognised as delivering fun while preserving the seriousness in the content. 


Subject Matter Expertise: 

• Finance for Non-Finance Professionals
• Financial Literacy
• Leadership & Management Development 

• Learning & Development
• Personal Development & Motivation
• Strategic Orientation & Decision Making 

• Organisational & Change Management
• Problem Solving & Analytical Thinking
• Facilitation and Presentation Skills 



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