[Puchong, FREE Excel Guidebook] Excel Tips & Tricks and Extended Reporting
Course Information
  • 04-Mar-2024
  • CPD Academy, RIO Puchong
  • N. Selvam
  • English
  • RM 1,090 RM 1,020
    Until 29 Feb 2024
  • 9:00am - 5:30pm



Day 1

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet. Almost everybody in any organization works with Excel to accomplish specific tasks.
Excel has lots of commands, buttons, functions and formulas. There are also so many short-cuts, tips and tricks. 

You will become more productive by learning many of the Tips and Tricks in Excel. You can substantially reduce the time taken to accomplish specific tasks in your daily work. 


Day 2

Reporting is essential to monitor business performance over any period of time. It enables you to make better business decisions, project future results and drive improvements. 

Pivot Tables and Charts is an ideal starting point for any handling reporting. 





Day 1

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to understand: 

      -  A working knowledge of Excel Tips and Tricks as Excel is extensively used by all companies in the day-to-day operations 

      -  Practical tips which can make a major difference on how to work with Excel. 

      -  How to list and organize data 

      -  How to present data in a clear and concise way to management for easy understanding. 

      -  Better how to project planning and making future predictions based on raw data. 

      -  How this course can primarily assist in reducing the time taken to complete certain tasks as we all know that short cuts saves times. This will explain why when you ask 2 people doing the same job, one takes 30 min and the other takes 1 hour. 


Day 2

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to understand: 

      -  How to create a Pivot Table and Chart 

      -  How to create informational Pivot Tables using existing spreadsheets 

      -  How to identify expanding and collapsing groups of data within a Pivot Table 

      -  How to identify the best approach for formatting numbers within Pivot Tables 

      -  Analyze and interpret outcome of Pivot Tables and calculated fields 

      -  How to handle large quantities of data in a single go. 

      -  How to summarize large data 






Day 1

      -  Ideal for all Microsoft Excel Users who use Excel in their daily work. 

      -  You will be able to use many of the Short Cuts, Tips and Tricks immediately after attending this training. 

      -  You will become more productive 

      -  Finally, learning Tips and Tricks will add value to your career 


Day 2

      -  Ideal for all Microsoft Excel Users who are new to Pivot Tables. 

      -  You will be able to use Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts immediately after attending this training. 

      -  Also suitable for marketing, finance and HR executives who are required to generate reports and charts from any data sets 

      -  Finally, learning about Pivot Tables and Charts will add value to your career and it is the starting point for anyone who wants to learn about Data Visualization tools such as Tableau. 





The training workshop essentially comprises two main sessions with interactive discussion and activities designed to maximize learning. 

      -  20% training lecture and discussion 

      -  80 % hands on training 




      -  Pax must be using Microsoft Excel 2013 & above (earlier Versions will be an issue) 

      -  Participants will be given the link to download the Data set & material 



[06] DATE, TIME & FEE 


Date:              4-5 Mar 2024 (Mon-Tue)

Time:              9.00am - 5.30pm

Venue:           CPD Academy, RIO Puchong


FEE:   [ HRD Corp Claimable ]

   - Early Bird Offer (15 Feb 2024)     –      RM 950

   - Special Offer (29 Feb 2024)     –      RM 1020

   - Normal Fee      –      RM 1090

>> Fee includes Course Notes, Lunches, Refreshments, Certificate of Completion and 8% Service Tax

** OFFER **
- 10% Cashback for SST2u Learner Card+ (SLC+) members. T&Cs applied.


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Day 1

      -  Understand how to use many of the useful short-cut keys to speed data entry and movement in Excel e.g. Ctrl G

      -  Learn over 50 practical tips and tricks e.g. Format Painter

      -  Learn to how to combine files using Power Query Tables

      -  Learn many of the useful Excel Commands and Functions e.g. IF function

      -  Learn Text Functions and Conditioning Formatting in Excel e.g. =LEN

      -  Learn about protection (Cell/ Worksheet/ Work- book)

      -  Learn when to use Lookup vs Index Match

      -  How to recover your Excel file in case of power failure

      -  Learn about conditional formatting 

      -  Changing the settings in Excel Options

      -  Excel Automation with AI
      -  How to use ChatGPT with Excel


Day 2

      - Concepts of Pivot Table

      - What are data sets and why you must convert to Tables before building your Pivot Tables

      - Creating a Pivot Table

      - Creating Multiple Pivot Tables

      - Creating Various Reports Using Pivot Tables

      - Useful Short cut keys for Pivot Tables Creating Pivot Charts

      - Inserting Pivot Chart

      - Significance of the Design and Analysis Menu

      - Components and Limitations of Pivot Table

      - The general rules to follow when generating Pivot Tables

      - Learn about the recommended Pivot Tables and Charts

      - How to refresh your Pivot Tables

      - How to generate various Pivot Charts based on the Pivot Tables

      - Getting started with Tableau Data Visualization Tool





Excel & Tableau Expert, Author, Chartered Accountant

HRDF Certified Trainer


N. Selvam is a Member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), Chartered Institute of Managements (CIMA), Chartered Global Management Accountant.

(CGMA) and a Certified Software Consultant. He runs a software consulting firm for over 30 years.

When Malaysia implemented GST, he was an authority on analysing the GST Audit File (GAF) using Excel. He conducted over 300 hands-on training session for MIA, CIMA, Customs and many big corporations.

He lectured for more than 6 years in a local university on Computerized Accounting and wrote 5 Users Guides. In 2019, he was given TTT exemptions by HRDF.   In 2020, he published two books on “Data Visualization with Tableau for Beginners” and he is now working on Volume 3.





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