[Puchong, NEW] Practical Budgeting For Contractors & Property Developers
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  • 19-Dec-2023
  • CPD Academy, RIO Puchong
  • Agee Lee
  • English
  • RM 960 RM 880
    Until 13 Dec 2023
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm



Managing a construction business is never so easy. Often, we hear that the managers and executives find the difficulties of making the right decision in their everyday running of a business. Besides the availability of voluminous of marketing and other strategic information, they still cannot interpret the financial data that are shown in their financial statements. Because they are not familiar to plan a construction and cash flow budget. Then how to execute the contract. The easy way out of this is to get hold of an accountant to lay down the facts revealed by these statements. But then, it is already too late in this volatile construction business environment to take the correct steps, perhaps assisted by the financial data, to smoothly ride through the storm of instability.
The managers and executives in a construction concern as well as in property development need to be armed with these skills to read, sieve, and collate these financial data so as to avert a crisis in their businesses, and their person- al career.




After completing the course, you will be able to appreciate the benefits of understanding the concepts of basic accounting to set KPIs and then-after to gauge and measure by using the basic accounting tools and impacts of construction industry; the results surely involve all the efforts of the staffs in your company.




• To provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of corporate tax principles and practices
• To equip participants with practical skills for effective corporate tax planning and compliance
• To explore strategies for optimizing tax liabilities within the legal frameworks
• To foster knowledge of key tax regulations and recent updates
• To enhance participants’ ability to navigate corporate tax challenges




• A number of case exercises to highlight the fundamentals of accounting 
• A few simple and easy-to-use accounting tools to make the right decisions
• A simplistic presentation of the various financial reports 
• A number of real and practicable examples




• Business Owners, Directors
• Top Management
• Managers
• Accountant, Account Executives



[06] DATE, TIME & FEE 

Date:  19 December 2023 (Tue)
Time:  9.00am - 5.00pm
Venue: CPD Academy, RIO Puchong


Fee:  [HRD Corp Claimable]

- Special Offer (before 13 Dec 2023) - RM 880
- Normal Fee - RM 960

>> Fee includes Course Notes, Meals, Certificate of Completion and 6% Service Tax

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- 10% Cashback for SST2u Learner Card+ (SLC+) members. T&Cs applied.

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Module 1 - Focus on Legal Implication of Covid-19

• Force majeure
• Frustration
• Extension of time 
• Loss & expenses


Module 2 - Basic Concept of Accounting 
• Cash accounting
• Accrual accounting
• Basic terms for accrual accounting
• Cash flow gap
• CASE STUDY: Cash flow budget for factories constructing


Module 3 - Expenses
• Operating report on expenses
• Operating report by department
• Controllable & uncontrollable
• Contribution margin
• CHART FLOW on Breakeven point
• CASE STUDY: Master Budget for Sewerage


Module 4 - Depreciation
• Ways to compute depreciation
• When machine is sold, lost, destroyed or stolen 
• Repair or refurbishment of equipment


Module 5 - Buying, Leasing, or Doing Without 
• Justifying purchase of equipment
• Payback method
• Computations
• Evaluating investment in equipment 
• Would like to buy or lease?


Module 6 - Budgeting
• Zero-based budgeting
• A rolling budget
• Cash budget
• CASE STUDY: Simulate a cash flow budget


Module 7 - Construct A Project Cash Flow 
• Cash flow from operation
• Cash flow from investing activities 
• Cash flow from financing activities

End of Training



HRDF Exempted Trainer, Consultant

Agee Lee has more than 22 years of experience in the commer- cial banking in Malaysia and has worked in Malayan Banking Berhad and seconded to Kwong Yik Bank Berhad in 1980 to set up a Legal Documentation Department.
He started as a trainee officer moving up to Branch Manager, Loan Manager managing Corporate and Commercial Loans and finally as Head of Loan Recovery Division bringing down NPLs to RM65m from RM800m. He also worked in a property develop- ment company, then constructing a condominium and Nilai 3, for 2 years, and involved in a manufacturing company before working for 2 years in a construction company, executing federal contracts on roads, schools and colleges, in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Besides marketing and approving the commercial loans, he was instrumental in setting up the Loan Recovery Section supervising about RM1.9b NPLs and was involved in structuring loans and lecturing modules on debt collecting and legal documentation on securities for 13 years. His last appointment was with Hong Leong Bank Berhad in 2003/4 as Head of Remedial Manage- ment Department.
Agee Lee holds Honours Degree in Economics (major in Business Administration) from Universiti Malaya, Associate of Institute of Bankers (London), Diploma in Marketing Manage- ment (NPC) and Certificate in Financial Planning (MII).
He is now a Training Consultant for IBBM, MIA and Banks in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. Currently he has been giving talks on practical topics that will boost skills and confidence of participants.




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