[Petaling Jaya, NEW] Leading from Within
Course Information
  • 23-Oct-2023
  • Ibis PJCC, Petaling Jaya
  • Fong Sau Peng
  • English
  • RM 1,750 RM 1,590
    Until 04 Oct 2023
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm



The objectives for this workshop focus on uncovering oneself in leadership for each and every participant. The interactive self-discovery and team exercise will lead to more authentic, empathetic, effective leadership and improved team collaboration. Participants can better understand how they are perceived by others and how their behavior impacts those around them.


This can help them to be inter-connected with each function and be able to make informed decisions, strengthen relationships, and certainly improve operations efficiency, deliver business results and service level.





• Deeper understanding of of participant’s own values, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, and leadership style

• Improved working relationships, learn how to communicate, collaborate, engage and connect with their team members, peers, and superiors ,

• Enhanced Leadership Skills such as active listening, feedback, feedforward, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence.

• Leverage the skills to improve Customer Service process


Overall, the outcome of the interactive workshop can be trans- formative for participants, helping them become more effective, authentic, and empathetic leaders who are better equipped to navigate the complexities and rapid changes of the working environment. 





Emerging Leaders, Mid level Managers, Senior leaders, Executives, Team Members where they will benefit from the interactive workshop for leadership development purpose. 





The workshop involves self reflection, introspection, and feedback, feedforward from others. This stimulating workshop will involve self discovering exercise, group discussion, sharing of personal life journey.

All participants will share their insight without judgment from others and deep listening is needed to ensure full attention from every single participant.



[06] DATE, TIME & FEE 


Date:              23-24 Oct 2023 (Mon-Tue)

Time:              9.00am - 5.00pm

Venue:           ibis PJCC, Petaling Jaya


FEE:   [ HRD Corp Claimable ]

  -  Early Bird Offer (before 4 Oct 2023)     –      RM1590

  -  Special Offer (before 18 Oct 2023)     –      RM1670

  -  Normal Fee    –    RM1750

>> Fee includes Course Notes, Lunch, Refreshments, Certificate of Completion and 6% Service Tax

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- 10% Cashback for SST2u Learner Card+ (SLC+) members. T&Cs applied.


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Day 1

Module 1: Self Discovery Part 1

• Expectations

• What matters most to you

• What matters most to you and the team

• The human lens 

• Defensive behavior 

• Strength 

• Vitamins

• Vulnerability


Module 2: Inner Compass

• Define your Purpose, Vision, Value (Qs posted to participants)

• Sharing of Purpose, Vision, Value by each participants • Participant to identify one action plans to take on


Module 3: Team Dynamics

• Interactive Exercise to identify Team Dynamics

• Concept of Leading from Front, Side, Behind

• How to leverage Team Dynamics for operation efficiency

• My Story : each participants will share his/her story that build their characters today 


Day 2

Module 4: Feedback, Feed Forward

• The key difference of Feedback vs FeedForward 

• Feedback, Feedforward sharing session


Module 5: Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

• Customers Expectations

• Customer Experience

• How to quantify Customer Service


Module 6: The ASK

• Each participant will openly share their “ASK” from a specific person or function


End of Training 






APICS CPIM Certified, HRD Corp Accredited Trainer


Fong Sau Peng is a APICS CPIM Certified member in Production and Inventory Manage- ment (CPIM) program and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree. She has 35 years rich working experience in multiple countries focussing on people management, operation strategy, end to end supply chain which entails factory operations, materials management, master scheduling, Sales & Operation Process, 3rd party service provider management, contract negotiation, customer service , order management and external customer engage- ment in Fast Moving Consumer industry.

Sau Peng is a passionate and authentic profes- sional, she demonstrates very positive support for 28 years service in Colgate Palmolive Malay- sia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, and Philip- pines. Her international exposure and deep experience contributes to building the future organisation in Colgate Palmolive. She was the pioneer leader in Asia Pacific region for SAP/APO/ BI implementation .


In terms of Supply Chain Management, the Covid crisis management is a true testimonial of her competency in leading the Supply Chain team with clear and pragmatic solutions, able to support business delivering outstanding busi- ness growth. Her strength in leadership with genuine people-centric approach, deep focus on driving Growth, experimental mindset, empowerment approach and Digitization are the key success factors in her 35 years career.


Sau Peng is an experienced trainer and facilita- tor in Colgate Palmolive, conducts training sessions, workshops , leadership programs with art bonding sessions. for managers, executives and non executives. 





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