[Online] Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Workshop
Course Information
  • 12-Jun-2023
  • Online
  • Brian Wee Lai han
  • English
  • RM 700
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm


This one-day KPI training course covers basic understanding of balanced scorecard and using KPIs to improve performance and to put strategy at the centre of key management processes and systems including incentive schemes and resource/ budget planning activities.



This KPI workshop is a lively mixture of theory and work on case studies. At the end of the course participants will be able to:

- Describe the structure and typical content of a Balanced Business Scorecard.

- Develop practical skills in developing KPIs for the company

- Develop KPI ownership and implementation effectiveness



Lecture, Case Studies, Group Discussion, Video clips and Hand on exercises




Date:    12 June 2023 (Mon)

Time:    9.00am - 5.00pm

Mode:   Online Interactive



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- Balanced Scorecard Overview

- Why use a Balanced Scorecard

- 4 Perspectives of a Balanced Scorecard


Exercise #1: Revisiting existing performance measures



- Traditional approach to selecting objectives

- New approach to selecting objectives

- What is purpose of Key Results Areas?

- Guidelines for determining Key Results Area

- Examples of Key Results Areas

- Determining your Key Results Area


Case Study #1: KRAs, KPIs and turn around company 



(I) Overview of Performance Indicators

- KPIs in the Balanced Scorecard Context

- Examples of KPIs

- Goals of KPIs

- Deriving KPIs from Cascaded Objectives

- Setting Performance Targets

- Criteria for Selecting Appropriate KPIs


Workshop #1: Brainstorming critical success factors

Workshop #2: How to identify & select your KPIs


(II) Implementing KPIs

- KPI Owner’s Roles and Responsibilities

- Monitoring Systems for KPIs


(III) Present KPIs in a decision-based way

• Daily KPI reporting
• Weekly KPI reporting
• Monthly performance measure reporting to the Board, management & staff


Workshop #3: Designing a Dashboard for the Board


(IV) Achieving Performance Results

- Interpreting KPI Results

- Identifying Causal Factors

- Scoping and Taking Corrective Actions

- Performance Improvement Task Forces


Q&As & Conclusion





HRDF Certified Trainer, Consultant


Brian Wee was Head of Human Resources, Internal QMS Auditor and Corporate Trainer of MMC for a holding company of oils refineries in Malaysia. He holds a Master of Business Administration and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Heriot Watt University, United Kingdom. He also has a Certificate and a Diploma in Personnel Management. He is a Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP), an Ordinary Member of Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM), PSMB Certified Trainer and PSMB Human Resource Consultant. Wee has attended a three days Effective Training Evaluation program by Ms Beverley Jeffreys of Chisholm Institute, Australian National Training Authority (ANTA). He brings with him more than 15 years of working experience in Human Resource of large manufacturing companies. He is a Resource Training person for Malaysian Institute of Personnel Management (MIPM), Malaysian Institute of Purchasing and Material Management, UBS Commercial Institute, Open University Malaysia, Asia e University and UTM Space Executive Diploma Programs and others. He started off his career in 1980 as a Senior Officer with the Ministry of Information where stayed for 15 years and gained extensive management experience. Later he moved to a Japanese based company where he was in charge of all spectrums of Human Resource functions. During that time, he acquired some Japanese management skills such as Kaizen, Zero Defect, JIT, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, ISO QMS and EMS Awareness Program and many others. He developed and trained QC, ISO QMS and EMS and productivity related modules for the Wilmar International Group of companies’ employees. In his present capacity, he develops modules and trains his employees and many organizations. He is also a part time lecturer for academic courses, namely Certificate & Diploma Program for Malaysia institute of Human Resource Management, Supervisory Module for Certificate & Diploma for Malaysian Institute of Purchasing & material Management, Executive Diploma of Human Resource Management for UTM SPACE, Asia e University, Southern College University and Open University Malaysia and Professional Short Course in Mandarin for Human Resource subjects and English Conversation & Communication Skills for User Business School (UBS). His much in demand programmes are Effective Supervisory Skills, Purchansing & Negotiation Skills, 8D Team Problem Solving Methods, Total Preventive Maintenance, ISO QMS AND EMS Awareness Program, UTM SPACE ISO QMS Modules, Effective QA/QC Inspectors, QC Tools, QCC, Effective Communication and Motivation Program, Excellent Clerical Skills, Excellent Customer Service, Effective Business English Communication Skills, Report Writing Skills, Effective Presentation Skills, Teambuilding Program, Positive Working Attitude, Malaysian Labour Laws and Industrial Relation Laws, Understanding of Employment Act 1955, Handling Misconduct and conducting Domestic Inquiries, Effective Salary Computation and Administration, Handling Problematic & Difficult Employees, Report Writing Skills, Drafting an Employment Contract, Effective Human Resource Management, HR for Non HR Executive / Managers, People Management, Leadership Skills, Balanced Scorecard, Key Performance Indicators and others. Among some of his training participants and/or consultancy services included Kyocera, Sunpower, TJ Wang Group (Accountancy & Secretarial Services), Lii Hen Group, China Press, White Horse Ceramic, ML Plastics Sdn Bhd, Yee Wan manufacturing, Southern College, Foo Yew High School, MITI, Police Academy (Technical),Champion Precision, JK Sumi Wire, Muar Ban Lee Engineering, Autoveyor, Southern Lion, Seiko Electric, CSC Steel, San Miguel Yamamura Plastic, Ornapaper, Umicore Malaysia, Alloy Consolidated (MTD Group), Panasonic AVC Network, Southern College University, Infineon Technilogies, to name a few. Mr. Brian Wee had provides HR & Quality and Productivity Consultancy Services to Li Hen Group, a furniture exporter and manufacturer, Omega Printer, Golpar Plastic Injection, Dian Pang Supermarket and others.



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