Managing Cash Flow in Difficult Times
Course Information
  • 22-Aug-2019
  • The Light Hotel, Prai
  • Winson Han
  • English
  • RM 560
Managing cash flow can be a challenge in better times and certainly it is more difficult when the business environment comes under strain from a slowdown in the economy and uncertainly in the global market place. This will generally bring about a decline in revenue and drop in cash inflow with no change to cash outflow; and overtime depletion of the vital cash reserve. The need to increase and to conserve cash become an urgency as not to allow the company to slide into a financial (liquidity) crisis and impacting the financial stability of the company.

This program will give participants a quick but comprehensive understanding of the importance of cash (hence cash flow), working capital, the causes of financial distress and identifying areas for improving cash inflow and conserving or reducing cash out flow. Participant will also learn the critical skill in forecasting and apply such skill and methodologies to do proper cash flow planning and management of cash resources.