Mastering Financial Accounting and Reporting Skills
Course Information
  • 03-Sep-2019
  • The Light Hotel, Prai
  • Wendy Tee
  • Mandarin
  • RM 550
Organizations are increasingly seeing the importance of accurate and efficient financial statement analysis technique in shaping a more successful and prosperous organization overall. Users of the financial statement of the company is usually concerned with and need to be informed about the financial position, results of operations and changes in financial position as a whole. This course is intended to familiarize participants with the revised approved international standards on accounting as well as presentation of the financial statements. Participants will able to apply financial management knowledge to their work, business and personal life

组织越来越多地认识到准确有效的财务报表分析技术在塑造一 个更加成功和繁荣的整体组织中的重要性。公司财务报表的使 用者通常关注并需要了解财务状况,经营业绩和整体财务状况 变化。本课程旨在使参与者熟悉经修订的经批准的会计国际标 准以及财务报表的列报方式。参与者将能够将财务管理知识应 用于他们的工作,商业和个人生活