[FREE Online] 抗疫学堂: OKR(目标和关键成果)Biz Academy: OKR (Objectives & Key Results)
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  • 28-May-2020
  • Online
  • Wendy Tee
  • Mandarin
  • RM 0
  • 3:00pm - 4:00pm
(A) 简介
1) OKR策略思維展,
2) 如何界定明確標準,使團隊有共同目標?
3) 最常见的错误

1) Developing OKR Strategic Thinking
2) Establish indicator-driven Goals & Common Group Targets
3) Common Mistakes

(B) 日期/地点

日期: 28 May 2020 (Thu)
时间: 3:00pm - 4:00pm
地点: Online

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(E) 讲师简介

Wendy Tee Leap Sing has over fifteen years of experience in senior management and human resources positions for diversified industrial and business environments. Graduated with a Master of Business Administration (UM), Master of Information Technology (UM), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Certified Business coach (UM), Registered Financial Planner (RFP), Certified Trainer (PSMB) and Certified Advance Human Resource Practitioner (MIHRM), she has undergone intensive academic training in various human development and knowledge improvement. Wendy is a member of the Malaysia Financial Planning Council (MFPC) as well as a Security Commission licensed financial planner with VKA Wealth Planners. She is now pursuing her Doctorial of Business Administration (DBA) from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).

Wendy is actively involved in management consultancy, management training and research. Her latest responsibility involves the business coaching, financial training, management consultancy, management and Financial lecturing of Degree programs for Kolej Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman . She has experience managing training programs cover from local universities, in house training and public seminar training, from designing training needs assessment, developing training materials, monitoring and tracking of training programs successfulness and implementing training evaluation. Having been trained as a qualified trainer, her skill and knowledge has been enhanced in operations effectives, fitness analysis, gap analysis and needs assessments.

Wendy is also a Human Resource solution consultant now appointed from Harrison Assessment Talent solutions (HATS), certified trainer from Pembangunan Sumber Manuasia Berhad (PSMB) and National Human Resources Centre (NHRC), providing comprehensive and independent Human Resource advisory to clients. In addition to consulting with and servicing clients, she is responsible for HR assessment, HR training, coaching & advisory for the company. In the area of Human Resource Management, Wendy focuses on Strategic Talent Management, Training and Development Management, Performance Management, Payroll Management and Setting Departmental & Inter Departmental Key performance Indicators (KPIs). She used the Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions (HATS) in many HR assignments. HATS is a leading global psychometrical assessment tool widely used for career guidance, personal coaching, talent acquisition, talent development, talent engagement and succession planning.

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