[Online, Weekends] 培养快乐团队 Leading a Team of Happy Members
Course Information
  • 11-Feb-2023
  • Online
  • Dr. Tan Shen Kian
  • Mandarin
  • RM 1150
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm



了解员工的工作行为本质对企业管理来说,至关重要。本 课程主要通过行为学的角度来解释员工在企业里的各种行 为。通过了解工作行为的规律性,便可更大程度的提升员 工的工作表现。


Understand employees’ work behaviour is essential for achieving effective management and building a winning company. This course introduce students to the world of behavioural science and exposes to the interpersonal dynamics in organisations. This course helps students to gain an understanding of the organisational factors that influence employees’ work performance. 






All management and leaders





• 了解基本行为理论
• 评估行为理论以改善与团队成员的互动
• 制定可行的管理方法,营造积极的工作环境


At the end of this training session, participants will learn to:
• Understand the basic theories of behaviour that are essential for organisational success
• Appraise the theories at work and improve interaction with members
• Develop a workable managerial method to build a positive working environment 






Lecture (Theories and Application) , Reflective Learning & Discussion 



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Date:     11-12 February 2023 (Sat-Sun)

Time:     9.00am - 5.00pm

Mode:    Online Interactive 

Level:    Intermediate


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   - Early Bird Offer (before 22 Jan 2023)           -         RM 990

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   - Normal Fee           -            RM 1150


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Module 1: The World Trend 

• Industry 4.0 shape the Organisational Success Factors 

• Management are Leaders
• Benefits of Happy Members 


第 1 单元 : 世界趋势

• 工业 4.0 改变企业成功因素 • 管理层即是领导人
• 快乐员工的好处


Module 2: Cultivate a Happy Employee 

• Work Motivation 

• Work Attitude
• Work Stress 

第 2 单元 : 培养快乐的员工

• 工作动力

• 工作态度

• 工作压力



Module 3: Cultivate a Happy Team 

• Communication
• Conflict Handling
• Organisational Citizenship 

第 3 单元 : 培养快乐的团队

• 沟通
• 冲突处理

• 公民行为


Module 4: Cultivate a Happy Organisation 

• Organisational Culture 

• Organisational Structure

第 4 单元 : 培养快乐的企业

• 企业文化

• 企业结构







Assistant Professor of Faculty of Business & Management Dean of Institute of Graduate Studies & Research 


Dr Tan Shen Kian is assistant professor affiliate with an university college. He lectures Organisational Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour, Principles of Management, Human Resource Management, Cross Cultural Management, and Business Research Methods, ranged from diploma to master levels. Besides of the academic responsibilities, he was the head of entrepreneurial & career center in year 2017-2019. In year 2020 -2023, he was appointed as the Dean of postgraduate & research institute. He and his team govern academic research and postgraduate studies in the university college. During his appointment, he also joined the editorial board of the university college’s academic journal, and leading a cross departmental team to co-organise annual academic conference with HuaQiao University of China. 


Dr Tan’s expertise include psychology and behaviour of work. His research interests are Work Motivation and Industrial Revolution 4.0. He is a verified member of Society of Industrial Organisational Psychology (SIOP), Division 14 of the American Psychology Association. He serves as editor and reviewer of several indexed academic journals. He is also a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, an opt-in research community of business professionals. 


Dr Tan is active in corporate training and writing general articles. He is a HRDF-certified trainer and freelance EMBA lecturer. He is experience in lecturing working adults and is good in explaining theories to industrial practitioners. In addition, he is a columnist of Sin Chew Daily. His general articles on the topics of education, management and current affairs are published every Monday. 


陈胜强博士就任于一所大学学院。他主要讲授的科目是组织 行为学、消费行为学、管理原理、人力资源管理、跨文化管 理和商业研究方法,范围从文凭到硕士。他于2017-2019年 间,担任创业与就业中心主任。于2020-2023年间,担任研 究与研究生院院长 ,主要负责大学学院内的学术研究和硕博 生的教务管理。在任职期间,他也担任校内学术期刊《学报 》的编辑,并领导校内的跨部门团队,与中国华侨大学联办 学术研讨会。


陈博士的专长包括心理学和工作行为。他的研究兴趣是工作 动机和工业4.0。他是美国心理学会第 14 部,工业与组织心 理学会 (SIOP) 的认证会员。他担任多个国际学术期刊的编辑 和审稿人。他也是哈佛商业评论咨询委员会的成员。


陈博士积极参与企业培训和撰写文章。他是 HRDF 认证的培 训师。此外,他还是星洲日报的专栏作家,文章每逢周一刊 登于言论版。文章多为企业管理,教育,以及时事。





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