[Klang 巴生] 企业如何过渡到最新的劳工法令 Transitioning Into Employment Act Amendments 2022
Course Information
  • 14-Feb-2023
  • Premiere Hotel, Bukit Tinggi
  • Brian Wee Lai Han
  • Mandarin
  • RM 750
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm

                            Human Resource Malaysia 2023 [#HRM2023]


Employment (Amendment) Act 2022 will become effective from 1 January 2023.  This means companies operating in Malaysia need to make immediate transition to meet the minimum requirements of the laws.  The Act covers all the obligations and limitations of both employers and employees, especially managerial and supervisory level who are directly supervise their subordinates during the tenure of employment.

This training will update attendees on latest amendments and new provisions contained in the "Employment (Amendment) Act 2022", so that proper planning and adjustment could be made for the compliance of the new or amended provisions, as well as statutory requirements such as MTD, EPF, SOCSO and EIS.


万众瞩目的《2022 年就业(修订)法令》迎来多项更新,并会在2023年1 月1日生效。这项法案的修订意味在大马经营的公司有需要立即满足新法 律的约束。 众所周知,法案涵盖了雇主和雇员的所有义务和限制。经修订后,雇主 所面临额外的义务,规则,包括法定要求,如 MTD、EPF、SOCSO、 EIS 等都各有提升/扩充。老板/董事和管理层需要即时做出适当的规划和调 整,确保公司的人力资源政策超越法定的最低门槛。





At the end of this training session, participants will be able to:

• Understand the requirements of the Employment Act

• Understand statutory contribution, duties and responsibilities under respective acts

• Expose to the latest amendments of the Acts

• Identify the perimeter and rights of an employer / employee

• Be wary of the hefty penalties for non-adherence

• Gain confidence in handling of employment matters

• Convince in implementing the minimum requirements of the various relevant Acts


• 了解马来西亚就业法的要求
• 了解相关法令下的法定贡献、职责和责任

• 了解法案的最新修正案 (2022)

• 确定雇主/雇员的范围和权利
• 警惕违规的重罚
• 获得处理人事务的信心
• 说服执行各种相关法案的最低要求





• Owner/ Director
• Top Management
• HR Managers/ Executives/ Assistants
• HR Practitioners/ Consultants
• Those who are interested in understanding the latest amendments

• 业主/董事
• 高层管理
• 人力资源经理/ 行政人员 /助理

• 人力资源从业者/ 顾问
• 有兴趣了解最新法案修订的人士



[04] METHODOLOGY  教课方法


Lecture, discussions, case studies & practical exercises






Trainer will answer issues related to Employment Act from attendees within 30 days of the training date, on a best effort basis.  Terms & conditions applied.


培训师将尽最大努力在培训日期后 30 天内回答与会者关于 就业法的问题。需符合条规



[06] BONUS


• Official Employment (Amendment) Act 2022 Provided

• 特别优惠:提供官方《2022 年就业(修订)法》| 电子版 Softcopy



[07] DATE, TIME & FEE. 日期/ 时间/ 方式


日期 Date:     14 February 2023 (Tue)

时间 Time:     9.00am - 5.00pm

方式 Venue:   Premiere Hotel, Bukit Tinggi

程度 Level:     中级/ Intermediate


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费用 Fee:

      - Normal Fee          –          RM750



     *Note: 4th Attendee at Half Price  |    注: 第四名参加者半价


>> Fee includes Course Notes, Lunch, Refreshments/ Tea Breaks, Certificate of Attendance & 6% Service Tax


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9.00am – 9.45am

[01] Employer and Employee Relationship
• Contract of Service VS Contract for Service
• Definition of Contract of Service under Employment Act 1955
• Employees under the EA 1955 and Workman under the IRA 1967?

• Types of Employment
• Employment (Part – time employees) Regulation 2010
• Minimum benefits and/or entitlements under the EA 1955


9.45am – 10.30am

[02] Wages

• Definition of wages
• Payments and restrictions
• Advances

• Deductions ~ lawful and unlawful
• Liabilities of Principals and Contractors
• Minimum Wages Order 

• Payment of wages for suspension i.e. suspension for misconduct investigation and punishment after Domestic Inquiry

• Computation of Payroll during MCO period


10.30am – 11.00am

Morning Break


11.00am – 11.45am

[03] Working Hours and Leave

• Rest day
• Maximum working hours
• Overtime

• Public holidays
• Annual leave
• Sick leave and Hospitalization
• Guidelines on performing solat during working hours
• Non-mandatory leaves – emergency leave, unpaid leave, absent without leave etc.


11.45am – 12.30pm

[04] Special Sections
• Absenteeism ~ Sect. 15
• Employment (Termination and Lay-Off Benefits) Regulations

• Due Inquiry / Misconduct ~ Sect. 14
• Breach of Contract ~ Sect. 13
• Leaves not under the EA 1955

   - No pay leave computation

   - Emergency leave
   - Absent without approval


12.30pm – 1.30pm



1.30pm – 2.00pm

[05] Employment of Woman
• The restrictions and control
• The qualifications and requirements
• Maternity benefits & maternity leave (Paid and unpaid)


2.00pm – 4.00pm

[06] Employment (Amendment) Act 2022

• Calculation of wages for incomplete month
• Maternity Leave and Allowance
• Termination during pregnancy

• Reduction of working hours
• Paternity leave
• Employment of foreign employees
• Flexible working arrangement
• Discrimination in employment
• Notice of sexual harassment
• Forced labour
• Increase in penalty of offences
• Presumption as to who is an employee and employer


4.00pm – 4.30pm

Afternoon Break


4.30pm – 5.00pm

[07] Impacts of the Latest Amendments

• Some Practical Issues arisen
• What are the baseline considerations
• Conclusion


[01] 雇主与雇员的关系

• 服务合同 (雇佣)与服务合同 (代理)
• 1955 年雇佣法下的服务合同定义
• EA 1955 下的雇员和IRA 1967 下的Workman?

• 就业类型
• 2010 年雇佣(兼职雇员)条例
• EA 1955 下的最低福利和/或权利


[02] 工资

• 工资的定义
• 付薪资 – 可为/ 不可为
• 薪资预付
• 扣薪 ~ 合法和非法
• 委托人和承包商的责任
• 最低工资令
• 支付停职工资,即在公司内部调查后因不当行为查处而停职

• MCO 期间的工资计算


[03] 工作时间和休假

• 休息日
• 最长工作时间
• 超时工作/ 加班
• 公共假期
• 年假
• 病假和住院
• 在工作时间进行祈祷(solat) 的指南
• 非强制性休假 - 紧急休假、无薪休假、无休假缺勤等


[04] 特殊章节

• 旷课 ~ 章节
• 雇佣(终止和解雇福利)条例
• 正当合理的调查/ 不当行为 〜 章节14

• 违反合同 〜 章节 13
• 不在1955年就业法管辖的休假

- 无薪休假计算 - 紧急休假
- 未经批准休假


[05] 女性就业

• 限制和控制
• 资格和要求
• 产假和产假(有薪和无薪)


[06] 2022 年《就业(修正案)法》

• 不完整月份的工资计算

• 产假和津贴
• 怀孕期间被解雇
• 减少工作时间

• 陪产假
• 雇用外籍雇员
• 灵活的工作安排
• 就业歧视
• 性骚扰通知
• 强迫劳动/工
• 违法行为处罚的增加
• 关于谁是雇员和雇主的推定


[07] 最新修正案的影响

• 实际问题的产生
• 最起码注意事项有哪些

• 结论


NOTE: Actual content scope & delivery may vary due the continuous updates on the subject matter







HRDF Certified Trainer


Brian Wee was Head of Human Resources, Internal QMS Auditor and Corporate Trainer of MMC for a holding company of oils refineries in Malaysia. He holds a Master of Business Administration and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Heriot Watt University, United Kingdom. He also has a Certificate and a Diploma in Personnel Management. He is a Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP), an Ordinary Member of Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM), PSMB Certified Trainer and PSMB Human Resource Consultant. Wee has attended a three days Effective Training Evaluation program by Ms Beverley Jeffreys of Chisholm Institute, Australian National Training Authority (ANTA). He brings with him more than 15 years of working experience in Human Resource of large manufacturing companies. He is a Resource Training person for Malaysian Institute of Personnel Management (MIPM), Malaysian Institute of Purchasing and Material Management, UBS Commercial Institute, Open University Malaysia, Asia e University and UTM Space Executive Diploma Programs and others.

He started off his career in 1980 as a Senior Officer with the Ministry of Information where stayed for 15 years and gained extensive management experience. Later he moved to a Japanese based company where he was in charge of all spectrums of Human Resource functions. During that time, he acquired some Japanese management skills such as Kaizen, Zero Defect, JIT, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, ISO QMS and EMS Awareness Program and many others. He developed and trained QC, ISO QMS and EMS and productivity related modules for the Wilmar International Group of companies’ employees.

In his present capacity, he develops modules and trains his employees and many organizations. He is also a part time lecturer for academic courses, namely Certificate & Diploma Program for Malaysia institute of Human Resource Management, Supervisory Module for Certificate & Diploma for Malaysian Institute of Purchasing & material Management, Executive Diploma of Human Resource Management for UTM SPACE, Asia e University, Southern College University and Open University Malaysia and Professional Short Course in Mandarin for Human Resource subjects and English Conversation & Communication Skills for User Business School (UBS). His much in demand programmes are Effective Supervisory Skills, Purchansing & Negotiation Skills, 8D Team Problem Solving Methods, Total Preventive Maintenance, ISO QMS AND EMS Awareness Program, UTM SPACE ISO QMS Modules, Effective QA/QC Inspectors, QC Tools, QCC, Effective Communication and Motivation Program, Excellent Clerical Skills, Excellent Customer Service, Effective Business English Communication Skills, Report Writing Skills, Effective Presentation Skills, Teambuilding Program, Positive Working Attitude, Malaysian Labour Laws and Industrial Relation Laws, Understanding of Employment Act 1955, Handling Misconduct and conducting Domestic Inquiries, Effective Salary Computation and Administration, Handling Problematic & Difficult Employees, Report Writing Skills, Drafting an Employment Contract, Effective Human Resource Management, HR for Non HR Executive / Managers, People Management, Leadership Skills, Balanced Scorecard, Key Performance Indicators and others. Among some of his training participants and/or consultancy services included Kyocera, Sunpower, TJ Wang Group (Accountancy & Secretarial Services), Lii Hen Group, China Press, White Horse Ceramic, ML Plastics Sdn Bhd, Yee Wan manufacturing, Southern College, Foo Yew High School, MITI, Police Academy (Technical),Champion Precision, JK Sumi Wire, Muar Ban Lee Engineering, Autoveyor, Southern Lion, Seiko Electric, CSC Steel, San Miguel Yamamura Plastic, Ornapaper, Umicore Malaysia, Alloy Consolidated (MTD Group), Panasonic AVC Network, Southern College University, Infineon Technilogies, to name a few. Mr. Brian Wee had provides HR & Quality and Productivity Consultancy Services to Li Hen Group, a furniture exporter and manufacturer, Omega Printer, Golpar Plastic Injection, Dian Pang Supermarket and others.




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