[Subang Jaya, NEW] Developing Effective Payroll Administration And Computation Skills
Course Information
  • 27-Oct-2022
  • Geno Hotel, Subang Jaya
  • Azmi A. Bakar
  • Others
  • RM 1660 RM 1500
    Until 09 Oct 2022
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm
                                             (With Latest Amendment 2022)


Conduct in Bahasa Malaysia/ English


Payroll refers to the payment of employees by their employer. Running the Payroll administration and computation required specific skills and knowledge because it relates with legal implication particularly with Malaysian Labour Laws.  This 2-day program has been designed to enhance participants knowledge and skills to run the payroll process effectively





   - Learn to strategies payroll function as according to the business need and current challenges

   - Understanding the definition of wages and matter related to Employment Act

   - Know how to comply with the statutory requirement accordingly

   - Identify the differences between monthly and daily wages, payment for overtime, working on rest day and public holidays and other terms and condition

   - Enhancing knowledges on various types of payment and deductions

   - Obtaining better knowledge on matters pertaining to EPF, Socso, HRDF and Income tax

   - Able to produce better payroll report and conducting salary survey whenever required by the management





Interactive learning using various engagement methodologies including case study, quizzes, brain teaser, energizer, Labour law journal cases, calculation simulation and group discussion





   - Payroll, HR, admin staff

   - Payroll clerks

   - Admin personnel and those who are involved with payroll





   - Date:         27 - 28 October 2022 (Thu - Fri)

   - Time:         9.00am - 5.00pm

   - Venue:      Geno Hotel, Subang Jaya

   - Level:        Intermediate




    - Early Bird Offer (before 9 Oct 2022)        -        RM 1,500

    - Special Offer (before 23 Oct 2022)        -        RM 1,580

    - Normal Fee         -        RM 1,660


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Ice Breaking and Course Objectives


Module 1: Introduction To Payroll administration

• Payroll as part of Human Resource Management Function

• Payroll Transformation history
• Payroll staff competency
• Payroll staff KPI


Module 2: Understand The Employment Terms and Condition

• Definition of employee as per EA

        - Type of workers

        - Employee under the scope Vs those outside coverage of EA

        - Manual Vs Non Manual Labour

        - Employment Act that relates to Payroll such as Wages Definition, ORP, Types of Leave, Several case studies and discussion

        - Case Study & Discussion


Module 3: Understand The Employment Act 1955 and Amendment

• Employment act that relates to Payroll such as Working Hours, Rest Day, Public Holiday and etc.

• Case Study & Discussion


Module 4: Payment Related Calculation ( New amendment 2022)

• Part Time Employee
• Casual Employee
• Wages Period
• Various Overtime Calculation


End of Day One





Energizer Recap Activities


Module 5: All Types of Leave

• Payment in Lieu of Notice

• Unpaid Leave

• Types of Deduction Including Lateness

• Incomplete Month

• Maternity Allowance
• Paternity Leave
• Several Case Study and Discussion

• Hospitalization
• Prolong Illness
• Contract workers ( 3rd Party)

• Case Study and Discussion
• Abscondment


Module 6: Payment Related to Terminantion

• Resignation with notice
• Resignation without notice
• Dismissal
• Layoff procedure
• Layoff benefit and calculation


Module 7: Other Related Payment

• VSS and MSS
• Frustration of Contract
• Medical Board Out
• Changes of Management

• Case Study and Discussion

• Statutory Payment such as EPF Socso Income Tax, HRDF

• Case Studies and Discussion


Module 8: Salary Review

• What is Salary Review
• Why you need for Salary Review
• How to go about the Salary Review Activities

• Monthly Payroll Report
• Course Wrap Up
• Course Evaltuation


Recap & Q&As End of Training






HRDF Certified Trainer


AZMI A. BAKAR has more than 25 years of experience in training and 16 years of hands on experience in Human Resource field. He obtained his Diploma in Public Administration from Mara Technology University, Shah Alam and then pursue for Master in Human Resource Management from St. Clement University, U.K.

He had held various senior management position in large multi-national manufacturing companies such as Taiko Electronics, Sharp Manufacturing, GP Batteries, Schick- Warner Lambert, Flextronics Industries Malaysia and Mieco Chipboard Berhad.

Azmi was also a Member of Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM) , Member of Malaysian Facilitator Association , Certified EQ Trainer by ITSP Asia & Stamford College , Certified NLP Practitioner by NFNLP USA, Certified Professional Trainer by MLSB and Certified NLP Coach by ABNLP USA, Certified SOIF Coach by TCSB and professional member to Malaysian Association Professional Trainers and Coaches (MAPTac).

Clients he has trained include BERNAMA, Produa, UMW Toyota, Unilever, Mitsumi Electric, BASF Petronas, Proton, Sabah Electric, Sacofa, Sarawak General Hospital, JKR Sabah, Kenanga Investment Bank, Lafarge Cement, MTBE Petronas, Lucas automotive, Sime Tyres International, Summi Rubber, Sarawak Hydro, Faber, Maybank Venture, INTAN, Univeristi PUTRA, Naza automotive, UEM, Tenaga Nasional, WR Grace, Flexsys Chemical, Mechma boiler, Sharp manufacturing, Wearnes Electronics, SMK Electronics, Kenwood, Tryotech, Pasir Gudang Edible Oil, Grandbank Yatch, Time Telecom, INTAN, ETIQA MAYBANK Insurance, MMI industries, H&R Johnson, Tanjung Pelepas Port, West Port, Port Klang Port Authority, Penang Port, Yamaha Electronics, GP Doors, Malaysian Galvanized, KOMAG USA, Pioneer, Bridgestone, Bank Industri, Sebubu Berhad Sarawak, Nestle, Brunei Ministry Of Defence, Brunei Institute of Public Administration, Brunei Road works Department, Brunei Ministry of Health, Brunei Royal Police Force , International Medical University, Samsung Corning and etc.




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