[Online] Talent Management and Succession Planning
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  • 26-Oct-2022
  • Online
  • Dr Wendy Tee
  • English
  • RM 660 RM 580
    Until 08 Oct 2022
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm



Talent Management is a key element in Human Capital Management.  It is the catalyst involving individual and organizational development in response to the rapid changing and complex operating environment.  Effective talent management allows organisations to build a high performance workplace where continuous learning is encouraged.  In addition, effective managers need to analyse key employment markets and gain an understanding of their dynamics in order to compete more effectively. To do this, a strategic approach is needed in the identification and evaluation of talent and managing recruitment retention and turnover.




By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

     - Demonstrate understanding of talent management and succession planning concepts and the activities and tools involved

     - Understand how companies approach talent management and succession planning in reality and challenges faced by human resource practitioners

     - Adopt a process to develop a talent management strategy

     - Analyse employee data to identify talent risks

     - Develop a workable succession plan

     - Put in place implementable talent development plans




• Interactive Presentation
• Industrial Relations Court Case Studies and Analysis
• Practical Exercises / Quizzes
• Questions & Answers



• Human Resource Managers / Executives / Supervisors / Officers
• Factory Managers / Branch Managers / Outlet Managers
• Heads of Departments / Line Managers
• Supervisors / Team Leaders
• Employers and Business Owners




Date:    26 October 2022 (Wed)

Time:    9.00am – 5.00pm

Mode:   Online Interactive



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Module 1 - Laying the Foundations

•  A view on the current challenges facing business in recruiting and retaining the best people

•  Understand how companies are dealing with talent management and succession planning and the challenges facing HR practitioners in the real world.

•  Defining talent management

•  The important of talent management

•  Implement a talent management system in your business

•  The strategic focus needed to create the environment for talent management

•  Aligning to organisational objectives


Module 2 - Making Talent Thrive

•  Key features that attract talent more than money

•  The need to start at the top - top down approach

•  Finding internal talent pools

•  Talent management practice, workforce planning and  talent acquisition

•  Emerging technologies and understanding

•  Optimizing the talent pool


Module 3- Development of People

•  Leadership and culture: the glue that holds the organization together

•  Strategy alignment and talent assessment

•  Learning and development: maximizing talent pool 

•  Human resources capability : The keeper of culture

•  Employee development : promoting a high performing workplace

•  Case study talent management practice


Module 4-Best Practice: Career Management and Career Development

•  Advertising techniques to attract the best

•  Appropriate screening processes - testing profiling assessment centres and how the

   traditional interview needs to change its focus talent management practice

•  Engagement and retention, change management and talent management


Module 5 - Succession Planning and Achieving Results

•  Succession planning and talent management practice

•  Compensation and rewards using talent management analytics to show results and impact

•  Identifying success profiles and successors

•  Retention strategies for talent

•  Creating mentoring programs








Dr Wendy Tee has over fifteen years of experience in senior management and human resources positions for diversified industrial and business environments. Graduated with a Doctor of Business Administration (UUM), Master of Business Administration (UM), Master of Information Technology (UM), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Certified Business coach (UM), Registered Financial Planner (RFP), Certified Trainer (PSMB) and Certified Advance Human Resource Practitioner (MIHRM), she has undergone intensive academic training in various human development and knowledge improvement.

Dr Wendy is actively involved in management consultancy, management training and research. Her latest responsibility involves the business coaching, financial training, management consultancy, Accounting and Financial lecturing of Degree programs for Kolej Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. She has experience managing training programs cover from local universities, in house training and public seminar training.

Dr Wendy is also a Human Resource consultant and certified trainer now appointed from Harrison Assessment Talent solutions (HATS), Pembangunan Sumber Manuasia Berhad (PSMB) and National Human Resources Centre (NHRC), providing comprehensive and independent Human Resource advisory to clients. In addition to consulting with and servicing clients, she is responsible for HR assessment, HR training, coaching & advisory for the company. In the area of Human Resource Management, Wendy focuses on Strategic Talent Management, Training and Development Management, Performance Management, Payroll Management and Setting Departmental & Inter Departmental Key performance Indicators (KPIs).

Dr Wendy completed and passed her GST and SST exams organized by Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM) with the cooperation and support from the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMC). She has trained more than 75 SME companies in Malaysia for getting prepare on the post implementation of GST and SST, mainly dealing with the tax authorities over various indirect tax issues, elements and scope of indirect tax, cycle and operations, rulings, registration, administration, audit and investigations on behalf of her clients.







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