[Online, NEW] ISO9001:2015 品质管理系统标准要求意识培训 ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard Requirem
Course Information
  • 17-Aug-2022
  • Online
  • Tan Yi Ning
  • Mandarin
  • RM 590
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm



ISO9001:2015 品质管理系统是每个企业不可或缺的一个衡量企业品质管理的 国际标准。 企业取得 ISO9001:2015 认证,意味着该企业已在管理、实际工作、供应商和分销商关系及产品、市场、售后服务等所有方面建立起一套完善的管理体系。 良好的品质管理,有利于企业提高效率、降低成本、提供优质产品和服务,增强顾客满意。这个培训有效于让参与者了解该系统的标准要求

ISO9001:2015 quality management system is an indispensable international standard for every organization to monitor and measure their organization’s quality management system. Organization with ISO9001:2015 certification means that the organization has established a complete quality management system in all aspects of management, operation, supplier and distributor relationships, products, markets, and after-sales services. Good quality management is beneficial for organization to improve efficiency, reduce costs, provide high-quality products and services, and enhance customer satisfaction. This training is effective in letting participants understand the standard requirements of the system.




➢ 了解 ISO9001:2015 品质管理系统的标准要求

➢ 了解如何使品质系统中的目标真正发挥作用。

Participants will benefit from being able to:
➢  Understand the standard requirements of ISO9001:2015 quality management system
➢ Know how to set the objective in the quality system really work




ISO9001:2015 委员会会员、品质管理人员、一般有兴趣的群众

ISO9001:2015 steering committee member, quality management personnel, and anyone who is interested on ISO9001:2015 management system.





Theory Presentation, Quiz




Date:    17 August 2022 (Wed)

Time:    9.00am – 5.00pm

Mode:   Online/ Interactive


FEE:   [ HRD Corp Claimable ]


   - Early Bird Offer (before 29 Jul 2022)     –     RM 490

   - Special Offer (before 13 Aug 2022)     –      RM 540

   - Normal Fee      –      RM 590


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Fee excludes any Microcredential charges and processing charge by HRD Corp as may be announced prior to training.







08:30am    报名


09:00am    单元1 - 介绍ISO9001 的由来及好处

                    • 品质管理的原则

                    • 过程方法
                    • 与其他管理系统的关系


09:30am   单元2 - 企业背景
                    • 理解企业及其背景

                    • 理解相关方的需求及期望
                    • 确定品质管理系统体系范围

                    • 品质管理系统体系及其过程


                  单元3 - 领导力

                    • 领导力和承诺
                    • 与顾客为关注焦点

                    • 品质方针
                    • 角色,职责和权限


10:30am     小休


11:00am     单元4 - 品质管理系统的策划

                     • 应对风险和机会措施

                     • 品质目标和实现规划

                     • 变更的策划


                    单元5 - 支持

                     • 支援、人员、基础设施

                     • 过程运行和环境


12:30pm     午餐时间


01:30pm     单元6 - 监视和测量支援
                     • 企业知识、能力、意识、沟通

                      • 文件化讯息


                    单元7 - 运行

                      • 运行的策划和控制
                      • 产品和服务要求的确定
                      • 顾客沟通
                      • 产品和服务的设计开发
                      • 外部提供的过程,产品和服务的控制

                      • 生产和服务提供
                      • 产品和服务的放行
                      • 不合格输出的控制


03:00pm       小休


03:30pm       单元8 - 绩效评估
                      • 监视、测量、分析和评估

                      • 顾客满意度 • 内部审核
                      • 管理评审

                     单元9 - 改进

                      • 不合格和纠正措施

                      • 持续改进


05:00pm       课程结束


08:30am       Registration


09:00am       Module 1: Introduction

                      • ISO9001 history and its benefit

                      • Principle of ISO9001:2015 quality management system Process method

                      • Relationship with other management systems


09:30am      Module 2: Context of the Organization

                      • Understanding the organization and its context

                      • Understanding the needs & expectations of interested parties

                      • Determining the scope of the quality management system

                      • Quality management system and its processes


                     Module 3: Leadership

                      • Leadership and commitment

                      • Customer focus

                      • Policy

                      • Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities


10:30am       Morning Break


11:00am       Module 4: Planning
                      • Actions to address risks and opportunities

                      • Quality objectives and planning to achieve them

                      • Planning of changes


                     Module 5: Support

                      • Resources, people, infrastructure
                      • Environment for the operation of processes


12:30pm      Lunch Break


01:30pm      Module 6: Monitoring and Measuring Resources

                      • Measurement traceability
                      • Organizational knowledge, Competence, awareness, communication

                      • Documented information


                     Module 7: Operation

                      • Operational planning and control

                      • Requirements for products and services

                      • Customer communication

                      • Design and development of products and services

                      • Control of externally provided processes,products and services

                      • Production and service provision

                      • Release of products and services

                      • Control of nonconforming outputs


03:00pm       Afternoon Break


03:30pm       Module 8: Performance Evaluation

                      • Monitoring, measurement, analysis & evaluation

                      • Customer satisfaction
                      • Internal audit
                      • Management review


                     Module 9: Improvement

                      • Nonconformity and corrective action

                      • Continual improvement


05:00pm       End of Training





Tan Yi Ning

Health & Safety Specialist 

HRDF Exempted Trainer (TTT/6343)


Yi Ning is a consultant and trainer specialist in Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Management System.

She holds a degree in Environmental and Occupational Health. She was a competent Safety and Health Officer registered with DOSH and involved in safety and health field for more than 10 years. She is also qualified ISO9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO14001:2015 lead auditor, competent person for scheduled waste, waste water treatment plant - physical treatment and Initial/ advance ergonomics competent person.

She pursued her industrial careers in business service industry as the HSE officer, and then as SHE engineer in manufacturing industry. After obtaining the green book, she worked as safety and health officer in a sheet metal fabrication industry. After that she was appointed as environment, safety and health manager in a sheet metal fabrication industry in Johor.

Her area of training expertise include safe chemical handling, noise & hearing conservation training, scheduled waste management, HIRARC, safety awareness training and ISO internal auditor training.



Bachelor Degree in Environmental and Occupational Health, UPM


Professional Qualification

• 10 years of experience in the areas of Environmental, Safety and Health

    - Certified Safety and Health Officer (HQ/16/SHO/04/00559)

    - ISO14001:2015 & ISO45001:2018 lead auditor

    - Waste water treatment plant competent person (CePIETSO- PCP/00772)

    - Scheduled waste competent person (CePSWAM/02181)

    - Scrubber competent person (CePSO/00573)

    - Certified HRDF Trainer (TTT/6343)





Enquiry: Yes@sst2u.com


   - General (03 - 5888 7357)

   - Teo (011 - 3178 9203)

   - Norzehan (012 - 765 6880)

   - Logesh (012 - 503 0346)

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