[Online, 2-Day] 留住客户, 开发市场 Retaining Customers, Developing Sales
Course Information
  • 06-Jul-2022
  • Online
  • Liew Weng Kong
  • Mandarin
  • RM 1180 RM 1130
    Until 01 Jul 2022
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm


• Improve sales mentality and skills
• Instill a positive attitude to meet challenges
• Strengthen sales follow-up service and find new customers skills

• Improve morale to enhance work efficiency

• 提升学员销售心态与技巧
• 灌输积极正面态度迎接挑战
• 加强销售跟进服务与寻找新客户的技巧

• 提高学员工作士气,以加强工作效率



All managers, executives, supervisors, team leaders, all support & admin personnel who are involved directly or indirectly with sales & marketing




Lecture, video viewing, student interaction and discussion, role-playing, writing and thinking, puzzle games

讲师授课、短片观赏、学员互动与讨论、角色扮演、书写与思考、益 智游戏、团康


[04] DATE, TIME & FEE 日期,时间,费用


Date:    6 - 7 July 2022 (Wed - Thu)

Time:    9.00am – 5.00pm

Mode:  Online Interactive



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   - Early Bird Offer (before 18 Jun 2022)     –     RM 1,080

   - Special Offer (before 12 May 2022)     –      RM 1,130

   - Normal Fee      –      RM 1,180


>> Fee includes Course Notes & Certificate of Completion and 6% Service Tax


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- 10% Cashback for SST2u Learner Card+ (SLC+) members. T&Cs applied.


[05] COURSE OUTLINE 课程纲要   




8:30am                                    报到

9:00am                                    课程1:态度决定业绩






10:30am                      互动游戏1


10:45am                      课程2:提升业绩从开始


                                                -销售员常犯的错误(poor sales vs. hard sales)




12:30pm                      午餐


1:30pm                                    互动游戏2


2:00pm                                    课程3:不要对客户发脾气







3:30pm                                    小休


3:45pm                                    互动游戏3


4:45pm                                    问答环节、总结


5:00pm                                    第一天结束




8:30am                                    报到


9:00am                                    课程4:引导与留住客户






10:30am                      小休


10:45am                      课程5:有效的客户应对方式






12:30pm                      午餐


1:30pm                                    互动游戏4


2:00pm                                    课程6:提高效率,业绩如意







3:30pm                                    小休


3:45pm                                    互动游戏5


4:45pm                                    问答环节、总结


5:00pm                                    结束


Day 1


8:30am Check in


9:00am Lesson 1: Attitude Determines Performance

- The mentality of marketing service personnel

- Why sell? (Purpose)

- Reasons for customers not buying (own problems vs. customer problems)

- Adjust your mentality and face challenges


10:30am Interactive Game 1


10:45am Lesson 2: Performance Improvement Starts From The "Heart"

- Why the sales performance is not satisfactory

- Common mistakes made by salespeople (poor sales vs. hard sales)

- Avoid stressing customers

- Key sales concepts


12:30pm Lunch Break


1:30pm Interactive Game 2


2:00pm Lesson 3: Don't Lose Your Temper With The Client

- Can the client be offended?

- Policy for dealing with client tantrums

- Win-win relationship

- Cope with the difficulties of customers

- The philosophy of tolerance


3:30pm Tea Break


3:45pm Interactive Game 3


4:45pm Q&A, Summary


5:00pm End of Day One


Day 2


8:30am Check in


9:00am Session 4: Onboarding and Retaining Customers

- Improve customer satisfaction (methods and speaking skills)

- Improve service quality and provide a good attitude

- Frequently instilling "hypnotic" speech

- Ways to reduce customer churn


10:30am Tea Break


10:45am Lesson 5: Effective Customer Response

- Confirm the type of customer

- How to deal with different customers

- Easy sales method (service attitude, interpersonal communication)

- Mood and endurance in the face of customer rejection


12:30pm Lunch Break


1:30pm Interactive Game 4


2:00pm Lesson 6: Improving Efficiency and Achieving Success

- The reason for the decline in work efficiency

- Sales performance comes from work efficiency

- How to view the sales industry

- Put yourself into work and fall in love with sales

- Engage in the current job with a "boss" mentality


3:30pm Tea Break


3:45pm Interactive Game 5


4:45pm Q&A, Summary


5:00pm The End





International Trainer, Author, Media Personality

HRDF Certified Trainer


Liew is an eminent international motivation speaker, author, newspapers column writer with nearly 20 years of professional experience. He was the immediate past president of the Malaysia Speakers Association, Malaysia. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Science (Physics) and a Master Degree in Human Resource Development.

Over the years, he has trained corporate executives extensively in the areas of motivation, self -confidence, stress management, time management and more. He has been invited speak at numerous seminars, conventions including Nigeria (Africa), China, Singapore, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei and Vietnam.

Liew is frequently invited to share his insight at local TVs, Radio Stations, Webinars, including Radio Ai FM, TV2, NTV7, ONFM, City Plus FM and a column writer for Nan Yang Siang Pao (Perak), Red Tomato Weakly Newspaper, China Press.



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