[Online, 2-Day] 激励下属,提高生产力 Motivating Employees For Productivity Gain
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  • 28-Jul-2022
  • Online
  • Liew Weng Kong
  • Mandarin
  • RM 1240 RM 1080
    Until 09 Jul 2022
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm





After two years working under the constant threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, staff motivation is highly fragile.  Working from remote, lacking interaction with fellow workers, pay and benefits reduction, fear of uncertainties have done enough to destroy most employees’ confidence.  As such Senior Management must not lose sight of the importance and urgency of engaging employees.  Learning how to motivate your staff professionally and with maturity and respect will help you to create a more productive, stable and effective team.  This international trainer has energized thousands of managers and senior executives globally, making their companies more formidable and successful.




1) 灌输有效的领导与管理下属模式

2) 加强上司与下属的关系

3) 提高工作的互动与沟通,进而加强彼此的关系


1) Improve the understanding about our subordinates

2) Improve the ability in handling subordinates

3) Improve the skills in job delegation    


[03] METHODOLOGY  课程活动     



Lecturing (online), video clip, interaction, writing exercise






All managers, executives, supervisors, team leaders, all support & admin personnel who are involved directly or indirectly with sales & marketing, customer service & front desk




Date: 28-29 July 2022 (Thu-Fri)

Time: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Mode:Online Interactive


FEE  [HRD Corp Claimable]


  -  Early Bird Offer (9 Jul 2022)       -        RM1,080

  -  Special Offer (23 Jul 2022)       -        RM1,160

  -  Normal Fee    -    RM 1,240


>> Fee includes Bound Course Notes & Certificate of Completion and 6% Government Service Tax 


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Day 1  第一天


9:00am     Lesson 1: Human Management by System 课题1:人事管理,系统运行

                  - System management leading our workers 系统管理带领员工

                  - Corporate operation depends on human resources 企业营运依靠人力

                  - System humanity 如何将“人”融入系统

                  - How to manage people 经营人的企业模式

                  - Human = resource? 人是否是资源?


10:30am     Break  小休


10:45am     Lesson 2: Motivation Technique 课题2:激励技巧

                    - The capability in motivation 激励员工的能力

                    - The technique use in motivation 激励技巧的运用

                    - Lead by example 以身作则,亲身带领

                    - Improve your influence power 加强本身的影响力


12:30pm     Lunch 午餐


1:30pm       Interaction (1) 互动 (1)

2:00pm       Lesson 3: Holding Employees At a High Level  课程3:严师出高徒

                   -Destiny of One’s Career  职场人生的命运

                   -Achieving Results under Strict Conditions 在严厉的要求下做出成绩

                   -Self-discipline of Employees 让员工拥有对自我的要求(自律)

                   -Reduce complaints, Encourage Volunteering 减低埋怨,提高自愿

                   -Emerging from Struggles 让下属从挣扎中脱颖而出


3:30pm     Break  小休


3:45pm     Interaction (2) 互动2


4:45pm     Summary, Q&A Session, Assignment of Courseworks   



5:00pm      End of Day 1  第一天结束


Day 2 第二天


9:00am     Lesson 4: Effective Way To Train Subordinates 课题4:有效的培育下属

                 - Unreasonable requirement make subordinates not comfortable


                 - Serious make better productivity 认真创造更好的生产力

                 - Channels and Ways of Training培训的管道

                  - How to Train Subordinates Effectively 如何有效的培训下属


10:30am     Break 小休


10:45am     Lesson 5: Create a Culture of Praise.  课程5:创造赞美的文化

                   -Attitude of Compliment at All Time 时时刻刻抱着赞美的态度

                   -Who and How to praise? 赞美谁?怎样去赞美?

                   -The Power of Compliment 赞美的力量

                   -Shaping the Company's Mutual Compliment Culture



12:30pm     Lunch  午餐


1:30pm       Lesson 6:  Tapping the Potential of Employees   课程6:挖掘员工的潜力

                   -Identify the Existing Abilities of Employees 识别员工现有的能力

                    -Methods to tap the Potential of Employees 挖掘员工潜力的方法

                    -4 Steps to Tap the Potential of Employees 4步骤挖掘员工的潜力

                    -Improving the Abilities of Employees 将员工的能力提升


3:30pm     Break  小休


3:45pm     Interaction (3) 互动(3)


4:45pm     Summary, Q&A Session, Completing Feedback Form, Photo Session 



5:00pm      The End   结束




Liew Weng Kong

International Trainer, Author, Media Personality

HRDF Certified Trainer


Liew is an eminent international motivation speaker, author, newspapers column writer with nearly 20 years of professional experience.  He was the immediate past president of the Malaysia Speakers Association, Malaysia.  He holds a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Science (Physics) and a Master Degree in Human Resource Development.

Over the years, he has trained corporate executives extensively in the areas of motivation, self -confidence, stress management, time management and more.  He has been invited speak at numerous seminars, conventions including Nigeria (Africa), China, Singapore, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei and Vietnam.  Liew is frequently invited to share his insight at local TVs, Radio Stations, Webinars, including Radio Ai FM, TV2, NTV7, ONFM, City Plus FM and a column writer for Nan Yang Siang Pao (Perak), Red Tomato Weakly Newspaper, China Press. 




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