[Bangsar, NEW] CIPAA: 解决建筑业严重拖帐问题 Overcoming Serious Payment Delay In Construction Industry
Course Information
  • 17-Jul-2022
  • Pullman Hotel, Bangsar
  • Lee Kai Jun, Siang Chin Fong
  • Mandarin
  • RM 430
  • 9:00am - 1:00pm

现金流是建筑业的血脉。建筑行业的延迟付款或不付款通常会给承包商或分包 商造成财务困难,并对承包商或分包商造成破坏性影响。在过去,承包商将不得不通过耗时且昂贵的法庭诉讼或仲裁程序来索回付款。 2012 年 CIPAA 法案的引入通过“先付款,后争论”机制帮助缓解了承包商的现 金流,承包商现在可以根据 2012 年 CIPAA 要求付款。法案生效至今已8年, 它的优点就是快过仲裁法和一般法庭诉讼,而且可以快速地得到有效的判决, 费用也相对来得低。

我们的法律专家将让您了解 CIPAA 如何帮助缓解现金流问题、如何通过 CIPAA 索款、CIPAA 的优缺点以及最新更新和发展。

Cashflow is the bloodline of construction industry. Delayed payments or non-payment in the construction industry often creates financial hardship to the contractor or sub-contractor and will have devastating impact to the contractor or subcontractor.  In the older days, the contractors will have to claim back the payment through the time-consuming and expensive process of court litigation or arbitration. The introduction of CIPAA Act 2012 has helped to alleviate the contractor's cashflow with the "Pay First, Argue Later" mechanism and the contractors will now be able to claim for payment under CIPAA 2012. 

It has been 8 years since the CIPAA Act 2012 came into force and the content of CIPAA Act 2012 has been interpreted legally and creatively since then. Join us to find out about how CIPAA can help you to alleviate cashflow problem, how to claim payment by way of CIPAA, the pros & cons of CIPAA, and the latest update and development of CIPAA 2012.




• 了解 CIPAA作为索回长期未偿付款/呆账的替代选项

• 为有追账问题的人提供实用指南
• 了解追账过程一些问题
• 分享案例研究

• Understand the uniqueness of CIPAA as an alternative option for pursing long outstanding payment

• Practical guidance for anyone dealing with payment issues • Layperson explanation on difficult areas/ concepts
• Sharing of case studies




承包商, 分包商, 建筑师, 工程师, 工料测量师, 产品总经销商, 专案经理, 供应商 & 项目规划师

Anyone involved in the construction industry including: Contractor, Subcontractor, Architect, Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Principals, Project Manager, Suppliers and Planner/ Scheduler


[04] DATE, TIME & FEE 日期/时间/费用


Date:    17 July 2022 (Sun)

Time:    9.00am - 1.00pm

Venue: Pullman Hotel, Bangsar




- Early Bird Offer (before 8 Jun 2022)  -    RM 350

- Special Offer (before 22 Jun 2022)  -    RM 390

- Normal Fee   -    RM 430


>> Fee includes Course Notes, Refreshments, Certificate of Attendance & 6% Service Tax


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[05] OUTLINE 内容


08:30 注册/ 茶点
09:00 承包商施工前后应该如何处理以便避免纠纷

09:45 纠纷时应如何面对

10:30 上午茶歇

10.50 CIPAA (建筑行业付款与审裁法令) 是什么? CIPAA 能如何帮助被欠钱的承包商

11:45 承包商如何决定是否要采用 CIPAA 审裁程序

12:30 采用CIPAA 审裁程序最好的时机


08:30 Registration / Refreshment

09:00 What should the unpaid contractors do to avoid payment dispute, before and during, the commence of work

09:45 What to do in the event of dispute

10:30 Morning Tea Break

10.50 What is CIPAA and how CIPAA can assist the unpaid contractors

11:45 How to decide if the unpaid contractors should resort to CIPAA

12:30 What is the best time to do so






• LLB (Leeds)
• IMI Qualified Mediator
• RICS Accredited Mediator
• Certificate in Legal Practice
• AIAC Certificate in Adjudication
• Professional Diploma in International Arbitration




• LLB (London)
• Certificate in Legal Practice




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