[Online 2-Day] Analyse Data With Excel Pivot Table
Course Information
  • 20-Jun-2022
  • Online
  • Uma Devi
  • English
  • RM 840 RM 680
    Until 02 Jun 2022
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm

[01] Overview

Pivot tables are a powerful feature in Excel that enables you to manipulate data with simple dragging and dropping. Pivot tables allow you to sort, filter, group, count, summate, and format data easily and efficiently. Perform powerful data-analysis with PowerPivot.


[02] Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

- Understand the benefits of PivotTable Reports

- Convert raw data in an Excel worksheet into meaningful PivotTables and PivotCharts

- Manipulate the PivotTable layout

- Use grouping function

- Create custom calculations

- Use formulas and create formulas outside of a report

- Manage and add to the statistical analysis of your data

- Deal with varying data sources, automate, and utilise Pivoted data in various contexts

- Exposed to PowerPivot


[03] Who Should Attend

- People who are ambitious and want to grow faster than their peers

- Those who want a greater understanding of the more sophisticated functions and features of Pivot Table functions

- Anyone who wants to use Excel at its best, e.g. HR managers, project managers, revenue managers, finance managers and administrative personnel who are in the basic to intermediate group wishing to improve their competencies

- This course is helpful for increasing personal productivity, efficiency at work or even developing skills to obtain a better job.



- Attendees who has Excel Intermediate or equivalent skills, or have completed Microsoft Excel Level 2 training

- Frequent Excel User

- The course can be performed in either Excel 2016 or Office 365 Excel Application. Delegates are required to bring along a laptop with sufficient battery power and/or power charger.



Interactive workshop and practical exercises and quizzes using unique, proven learning methods.




Date : 20 - 21 June 2022 (Mon - Tue)

Time : 9.00am - 5.00pm

Mode : Online/ Interactive  




- Early Bird Offer (before 2 Jun 2022) – RM 680

- Special Offer (before 16 Jun 2022) – RM 760

- Normal Fee – RM 840


>> Fee includes Course Notes & Certificate of Completion and 6% Government Service Tax


** OFFER ** 

- 10% Cashback for SST2u Learner Card+ (SLC+) members. T&Cs applied.


[07] Course Outline


Day 1


[01] Before We Begin

▪ Data – dos and don’ts
▪ Clean-up and prepare data

▪ Use VBA to combine data


[02] Construct a PivotTable

▪  How to Construct a Pivot Table

▪  Add/Remove Pivot Table Fields

▪  Recognize data type behaviour

▪  Reorganise the PivotTable

▪  Reveal the source data


[03] Analysing Data using Pivots

▪ Summarising values
▪ Showing values as Percentages
▪ Comparing totals against a base value
▪ Showing Running Totals
▪ Sorting values
▪ Rearrange labels manually
▪ Top/Bottom 10 values
▪ Changing the analysis function in sub-totals


[04] Filtering and Slicers

▪ Report Filter (Page Field)
▪ Filtering data
▪ Using Slicers to filter and analyse data


[05] Designing the Pivot Table

▪ Pivot Table styles
▪ Showing Sub-totals
▪ Show multiple subtotals
▪ Removing Grand Totals
▪ Using Tabular and Outline views
▪ Apply numeric formats to the Data Area


Day 2


[06] Grouping Data

▪  How Pivot table groups data

▪  Grouping Data by Date

▪  Grouping on numeric fields to analyse data by range

▪  Manually grouping data using VLOOKUP


[07] Calculated Items and Fields

▪ Create Calculated Items
▪ Create Calculated Fields
▪ Work the Calculated Items and Fields


[08] GetPivotData Function

▪ Use the GetPivotData Function

▪ Construct the function


[09] Pivot Charts

▪ Create a PivotChart
▪ Format a PivotChart
▪ Link data to PivotChart


[10] Introduction to PowerPivot

▪ What is PowerPivot
▪ Importing data into PowerPivot
▪ Creating a PowerPivot Pivot table

▪ PowerPivot window
▪ Calculated columns
▪ Relationships


[11] Questions & Answers






HRDF Trainer Senior Microsoft Office Trainer/ Consultant


Uma Devi has 30 years of experience in training Excel, Data Analysis, Customized Database Programming and Presentation.

She holds a NCC Diploma in Computer Studies and completed programs including CVET, Digital Citizenship, Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2016 etc. Her key areas of training expertise are:

- Windows & File Management

- Microsoft Outlook

- Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access - (Basic, Intermediate, Advance levels)

- Microsoft Excel – Power Pivot, Formula & Functions, Dynamic Charts, Dashboard

Over the years, she has trained thousands of local and overseas attendees from more than 8 countries. She is also appointed Microsoft Office trainer for some large corporation. Her ability to supplement her trainings with real-life scenarios and examples, as well as training methodology that is easy to follow make her a popular trainer.



Email: Yes@SST2u.com


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