[Online 2-Day] Microsoft Excel – Level 1 Complete Beginner
Course Information
  • 06-Jan-2022
  • Online
  • Uma Devi
  • English
  • RM 940 RM 800
    Until 17 Dec 2021
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm


Microsoft Excel is the world’s No:1 spreadsheet program for organizing and manipulating data. Learning how to use Excel can bring tremendous returns in both personal and professional capacities. In Malaysia, most organizations adopt Excel for processing & analysing business data. Therefore, competency in Excel greatly improves one’s workplace productivity, while also opening up more opportunities for employment and career advancement. However, it is not always easy to find a complete guide to beginners. This workshop is specially crafted which provides detail guidance and a syllabus that is supported by practical examples & exercises. This course covers Excel essentials and more, suitable for complete beginners.



Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Understand Excel’s screen layout and navigate within

• Create, edit, format basic worksheets

• Perform basic calculations and use simple functions

• Manage worksheets and workbooks

• Setup and print contents of a workbook



• Getting started with Excel. All essential functions and uses such as data entry, simple formula/functions, working with basic charts etc. will be covered

• This course is helpful for increasing personal productivity and efficiency at work



• Familiar with Microsoft Windows, keyboard, and mouse usage

• The course can be performed in either Excel 2016 or Office 365 Excel Application.

Attendees are required to bring along a laptop with sufficient battery power and/or power charger




Date: 6 - 7 January 2022 (Thu - Fri)

Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Mode: Online/ Interactive





- Early Bird Offer (before 17 Dec 2021)    -     RM 800

- Special Offer (before 1 Jan 2022)     -     RM 870

- Normal Fee     -     RM 940


Fee includes Course Notes, Exercises, Examples & Certificate of Completion and 6% Government Service Tax


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- 10% Cashback for SST2u Learner Card+ (SLC+) members. T&Cs applied.




Day 1

Lesson 1: A First Look at Excel

• Get to know Excel’s screen layout

• Minimize / Show Ribbon

• Utilizing Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)

• Status Bar information

• Accessing menu with keyboard

• File – Backstage view

• Worksheet specifications

• Creating, opening, saving a new workbook

• Saving a workbook using another name

• Pinning files and folders

• Use Excel’s Help


Lesson 2: Select, Navigate & Edit

• Data entry, Backspace vs Delete

• AutoComplete

• Identify text, number, and date data types

• Selecting techniques with keyboard

• Selecting techniques with mouse

• Navigating a worksheet

• Using GoTo and Name Box

• Working with rows and columns

  o Setting row height / column width

• AutoFit rows, columns, entire sheet

• Copying, moving and deleting a cell

• Paste Special options

  o Paste as Values

  o Paste as Picture

  o Paste Transpose

  o Paste Operations

• Using Find and Replace

  o Find blanks

  o Find within current sheet or entire workbook

  o Match case Lesson


3: AutoFill

• Built-in AutoFill

  o Days, months, quarter, dates, time

  o Series fill with intervals

  o Custom autofill


Lesson 4: Formatting

• Format using Font Group tools

  o Font, size, and additional effects

. o Fill colour, fill effects, gradient, pattern

  o Borders, Diagonal border

  o Cell Styles

• Alignment Group tools

  o Align data

  o Merge and unmerge cells

  o Change orientation and angle

  o Increase/Decrease Indent

  o Text wrapping

• Format Number tools

  o General, Currency, % formats

  o Comma format

• Date formats

  o Custom date formats 

• Using format painter 

• Clear Format


Day 2


Lesson 5: Handling Worksheets

• Switch between worksheets

• Rename a worksheet

• Insert a new worksheet

• Select multiple/all sheets

• Group and edit sheets

• Ungroup sheets

• Copy, Move, Delete sheet(s)

• Change Tab Colour

• Hide/Unhide sheet

• Freeze Row and Column Titles

• Split window

• View multiple files


Lesson 6: Formulas and functions

• Creating formulas

• Editing formulas

• Using mathematical operators

• Copying formulas

  o Linking formulas

  o Paste as values

• Relative cell referencing within formulas

• Absolute cell referencing within formulas

  o Percentage calculation

• Practice common formulas

• Writing and selecting built-in function

• Using common functions



• Show all formulas in sheet


Lesson 7: Printing

• Spell Checking

• Print settings

• Page Layout view

• Create Header and Footer

• Insert Watermark

• Page setup tools

• Identify Manual vs Auto page breaks

• Repeat row titles

• Print selected area

• Clear print area

• Print entire workbook

• Export as PDF


Lesson 8: Essential Features

• Flash Fill

• Quick Analysis

• Tell Me

• Smart Lookup

• Format as Table

• Quick Sort & Filter

• Basic chart





HRDF Trainer Senior Microsoft Office Trainer/ Consultant


Uma Devi has 30 years of experience in training Excel, Data Analysis, Customized Database Programming and Presentation. She holds a NCC Diploma in Computer Studies and completed programs including CVET, Digital Citizenship, Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2016 etc.

Her key areas of training expertise are:

• Windows & File Management • Microsoft Outlook

• Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access - (Basic, Intermediate, Advance levels)

• Microsoft Excel – Power Pivot, Formula & Functions, Dynamic Charts, Dashboard

Over the years, she has trained thousands of local and overseas attendees from more than 8 countries. She is also appointed Microsoft Office trainer for some large corporation. Her ability to supplement her trainings with real-life scenarios and examples, as well as training methodology that is easy to follow make her a popular trainer.



Enquiry: SSTcourse@gmail.com


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