[Students, 8-Day, My Future Skill Sponsored] Certificate In Data Analysis
Course Information
  • 12-Feb-2022
  • Online
  • N. Selvam
  • English
  • RM 350
  • 2:00pm - 5:00pm

** About My Future Skill **   |   2ND CLASS   |   STUDENTS ONLY (15 - 23 Y.O.) 


My Future Skill is a Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) initiative of 3ntity Sdn Bhd & SST2u and selected expert trainers. Our aim is to equip Malaysian students and graduates with in-demand skills so they can find employment as soon as possible.



Data skills are in high demand in Malaysia. This is partly due to the arrival of ‘Big Data’ era. More importantly, the society is increasingly relying on data to make decisions. By equipping yourself with data skills, more opportunities and careers are set to open up.



- Introduction to Data Analysis



- Guided & interactive learning

- Carefully designed Hands-on Exercises and Assignments

- Free eBook “Data Visualization with Tableau for Beginners” (value RM50)

- Students will be required to complete assignments after every practice which will be saved in the Tableau Public Server & marked by the trainer



- 64 bit Notebook with Excel 2013 or above is required. Guided process to install Tableau Public (Free)

- Language Medium: English



• Malaysian students aged 15 to 23

• IC/ Passport and Proof of student identity is required







FEBRUARY (SAT & SUN) 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27

MARCH (SAT & SUN)  5,6


TIME  2.00pm - 5.00pm

MODE  Online/ Interactive


RM 350 (originally RM2,300)


>> Fee includes Course Notes, Certificate of Completion and 6% Service Tax.


** OFFER **

- 10% Cashback for SST2u Learner Card+ (SLC+) members. T&Cs applied.




(Section A) Fundamentals – 9 hours

  1. What is data to you and why do you think it is important?

  2. What do you know about data analysis?

  3. How would learning data analysis help you?

    Let us learn about the various software that are available for data analysis?

  4. Assignment: 50 multiple choice questions

  5. Have you heard of datasets?

  6. Let us learn how to gather datasets?

    Students will be required to build a dataset

  7. Learn what is bad data and how to clean them?

    There will be 5 hands-on exercises using Excel

  8. What are the six steps required when analysing data?

  9. Why do we choose Tableau to do the analysis?

    Assignment: 30 multiple choice questions / 2 essays

    Interactive session. Student participation is required


(Section B) Data Analysis Hands-on Sessions – 15 hours

  1. Using various Menus, Commands & Functions in Tableau

  2. 1st Practice – Tableau Sample Dataset. 10 hands-on exercises

  3. 2nd Practice - Coffee Chain Dataset. 10 hands-on exercises

  4. 3rd Practice – Student Dataset. 10 hands-on exercises

  5. 4th Practice – Tableau Tips & Tricks

  6. 5th Practice – Teach students do simple analysis on the Stock Market as students are now exposed to investment opportunities





Excel & Tableau Expert, Author, Chartered Accountant


N Selvam is a Chartered Accountant (CA, ACMA, CGMA) and a Software Consultant. He is also a HRDF Certified Trainer.

He lectured for more than 6 years in a local university on Computerized Accounting and wrote 5 Users Guides. In 2020, he released 2 books on Data Visualization with Tableau for Beginners and he is now working on Volume 3. The books are available on Shopee & Amazon.  When working on the 2nd Edition, he did a few hands-on training sessions on data analysis for a group of students and he discovered that students are able to understand and work with data despite being in their teens. Students are full of imagination and they see data different from working adults.

It is hoped this ‘Data Analysis For Students’ will encourage more students and graduates to develop a passion for data analysis.



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- Siti (012 - 383 8603)

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