[Online NEW] BCS Foundation Award - How AI Can Support Your Organisation
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  • 25-Nov-2021
  • Online
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  • English
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    Until 07 Nov 2021
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Contact Hours: 14
  • Self-Learning Hours: 30 - 40
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • SFIAplus Level: Level III


This award is designed for those wishing to gain an understanding of how artificial intelligence (AI) can play a role shaping the future of their organisation.

Candidates will explore the evolution of AI from its inception to present day, and identify potential future AI opportunities which exist to drive organisational strategy at all levels. It will consider how AI can make improvements to processes, products and services, enabling an organisation to gain a competitive edge within the market, and the benefits and potential implications it has for the human workforce.



Upon completion of the award, candidates will be able to demonstrate:

1. An understanding of the evolution of AI
2. An understanding of the shape and structure of organisations

3. An understanding of the role of AI in an organisation
4. An understanding of the art of the possible



- Individuals involved in implementing artificial intelligence within their organisation.

- Candidates who are transitioning to a role in AI

- Digital leaders and professionals who need to understand how AI will impact their role and their organisation

- Business leaders and professionals responsible for setting organisational strategy

- Technology professionals looking to future-proof their business and their career



Successful completion of the BCS Foundation Award in Machine Learning exam

This award represents 5 credits that can count towards the credits required for a BCS Foundation Certificate or Diploma in a relevant discipline.



- Examination type: Multiple Choice Questions

- Number of questions: 18 Multiple Choice questions, 2 Scenario Based Questions

- Pass mark: 13 / 20 (65%)
- Open book/notes: No

- Electronic equipment/ aides permitted: No

- Exam duration: 30 minutes




Contact Hours

• 14 hours. This includes training lecture, group assignments, exam preparation, sample assessment review and short breaks.


Self-Study Hours

• Recommended 35 hours, depending on existing knowledge.




Date: 25 – 26 November 2021 (Thu - Fri)

Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Mode: Online/ Interactive

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- Early Bird Offer (7 Nov 2021) – RM 1,900

- Special Offer (before 21 Nov 2021) - RM 2,200

- Normal Fee - RM 2,500


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Day 1


1. The Evolution of AI

1.1 History of AI and It Evolvement

a. Bayes Theorem

b. Ada Lovelace - algorithm and computer coding

c. Alan Turing - breaking enigma

d. Advent of machine learning and neural networks – Dartmouth College Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence and Project Mercury (Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson)

e. Smart systems

f. Neural networks

g. Digital cloud computing


1.2 Third and Fourth Industry Revolution

a. Digital Transformation

b. Cybersystems
c. Sustainability
d. Ecosystems

e. Internet
f. Smartphones


2. Shape and Structure of Organisations

2.1 Features of Various Organisational Structures

Legal status of organisation | Types of organisation:

a. For profit organisations
b. Not for profit organisations

c. Public organisations
d. Charities
e. Private Limited company

f. Public Limited company

g. Sole trader


Organisational structures:

a. Flat
b. Hierarchical

c. Functional

d. Divisional
e. Matrix


2.2 Mission, Vision, Values and Organisational Strategies

a. Provides direction

b. Purpose
c. Guides behaviour

d. Inspires

e. Plan


2.3 Factors that Influence Organisational Culture

a. Top down culture

b. Bottom up culture

c. Organisation ethical culture (e.g. code of conduct, bias)

d. Equality and diversity

e. Agile

f. Size

g. Background

h. Governance

i. Stakeholders


3. The Role of AI In An Organisation


3.1 Identify Ways AI and Learning from Experience can Improve the Process of an Organisation


a. Effectiveness

b. Predictive analytics – intention marketing/ targeted marketing

c. Expectation management

d. Customer Experience (CX)

e. User Experience (UX)

f. Achieve strategic goals


3.2 Identify the Use of AI to improve Product

a. Smartproducts, i.e.smart phones, smart cities

b. Drives demand

c. Competitive

d. Inclusivity


3.3 Humans and Artificial Intelligence to Work Together to Deliver Optimal Results

a. Working together

b. Complimenting

c. Future
d. Decision making

e. Empathy

f. Evolution of the workforce


Day 2


4. Assessing The Business Environment

4.1 Apply External Analysis Tools for Analysing Position


b. Porters 5 forces

c. Competitor analysis

d. Stakeholder mapping (Power Interest Matrix)


4.2 Identify Enabling Factors For AI

a. Internet
b. Network
c. IT
d. Training
e. Data infrastructure


4.3 Apply Internal Analysis Tools for Analysing Current Position


b. Balanced Score Card

c. GAP analysis

d. Capability assessment

e. NASA Technology Readiness Levels


5. The Art Of The Possible

5.1 Explain Methods To Propose New Ideas And Concepts To The Decision Makers In An Organisation

a. Funding – if required

b. Business Case
c. Business Sponsor
d. AI champions

e. Timescales


5.2 Identify Components Of A Creative Thinking Environment

a. Fail fast
b. Safety culture
c. Early adopters
d. Change management


5.3 User Centred Design

a. Ethics
b. Human centric

c. Inclusivity


5.4 Explain The Value Of Iterative and Incremental Design

a. Learning from experience

b. Prototyping
c. Continuous improvement

d. Minimal viable product

e. Agile development



BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT


BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT,  is a professional body that represents those working in information technology (IT) and computer science, both in the United Kingdom and internationally.  It has over 60,000 members in 150 countries and its professional qualifications are recognized globally.



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