CHOOSING LLP OVER SDN BHD - Tax & Cost Savings, Business Risk Protection & Ease of Compliance
Course Information
  • 14-Oct-2019
  • DoubleTree Hilton, Johor Bahru
  • Simon Low
  • English
  • RM 630 RM 510
    Until 21 Sep 2019
The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a valuable business entity available for smart Entrepreneurs, Partnerships, Sole Proprietors and Sdn Bhds to not only manage their business risks, but to also enjoy the prospect of reduced tax exposure through efficient tax planning.

The LLP Act 2012 came into effect in December 2012. This programme will provide insights on the practical application of the Act, LLP Regulations 2012 and the latest P.U. Orders. It will also help clear the confusion surrounding critical elements in the LLP’s accounting, tax treatments process and legislative/statutory compliance
procedures. Also covered are the areas of potential tax planning available for LLP entities. Practical understanding will be enhanced via hands on simulation on how the tax computation and annual tax cycle compliance works for an LLP.