Corporate Financial And Managerial Accounting
Course Information
  • 11-Dec-2019
  • Four Point By Sheraton, Puchong
  • Wendy Tee
  • Mandarin
  • RM 1290 RM 990
    Until 17 Nov 2019
This program is specially designed for personnel from the manufacturing industry, business managers, executives and non-financial personnel in the business sector will get a firm grasp of the numbers side of the business. The primary aim is to
help them build their financial knowledge deeper, they will uncover management accounting tools and develop their ability to analyze financial reports and build a cost management mindset to help them lead a manufacturing company successfully in the highly competitive globalized business arena. The content is also designed to facilitate managers, executives and non-financial personnel to effectively apply financial management knowledge in the day to day running in the organization, assisting them to make better decision using management accounting tools and techniques in a manufacturing environment.

该计划专门为制造业人员,业务经理,高级管理人员和业务部门 的非财务人员设计,将牢牢掌握业务的数字方面。主要目的是帮助他们更深入地建立财务知识,他们将发现管理会计工具,发展他们分析财务报告的能力,并建立成本管理思维,帮助他们在竞争激烈的全球化商业领域成功领导制造公司。该内容还旨在促进管理人员,管理人员和非财务人员在组织中日常运行中有效应用财务管理知识,帮助他们在制造环境中使用管理会计工具和技术做出更好的决策。